21 schools compete at WCA “Archery Rodeo”

Wickenburg Christian Academy’s Archery Club hosted a its annual “Archery Rodeo” fun shoot at the Everett Bowman Arena on Saturday, welcoming archers from 21 schools from around the state.

WCA archers had a good showing despite not having any medal winners, with several top 10 finishers in both Bullseye and 3D over several divisions.

Top 10 finishers from WCA are as follows:

Bullseye targets: Ben Armstrong, fifth place high school boys; Coleman Rigo, seventh place high school boys; Benjamin Hogue, fifth place middle school boys; Gianna Mack, fifth place high school girls; Kamerin Earls, seventh place middle school girls; Ingrid Aguilar, seventh place elementary girls; Carlee White, eighth place, elementary girls; Madison Jones, ninth place elementary girls; and Zoey Sturtz, 10th place elementary girls.

3D Targets: Ben Armstrong, fourth place high school boys; Gianna Mack, fourth place high school girls; Coleman Rigo, 10th place high school boys; Kamerin Earls, sixth place middle school girls; Justen Sheehan, eighth place middle school boys; Ingrid Aguilar, seventh place elementary girls; Madison Jones, eighth place elementary girls; and Zoey Sturtz, 10th place elementary girls.

WCA is a part of the National Archery in the Schools Program, sponsored by Arizona Game and Fish Department.  Archers from all over Arizona participate in several qualifiers and fun shoots during the school year, culminating in the state, national, and world tournaments in the spring.

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