Football players urged to prepare on their own

Head Coach Mike Mitchell, shown addressing his players last spring, normally would be conducting practices at this time of the year for the Wranglers’ 2020 football season. Due to the cessation of public gatherings and the closing of schools during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Coach Mitchell is asking all prospective players to individually prepare for the season until community involvement is restored.

By Kevin Cloe

Sun Correspondent/


As a replacement for normal practice sessions, Wickenburg High School’s head football coach Mike Mitchell is encouraging all of his prospective players for the 2020 season to prepare for the fall schedule on their own. 

“Football players have all been contacted about what to do at home during this time of crisis,” Coach Mitchell said regarding mandated social distancing and postponement of public gatherings due to the current COVID-19 virus pandemic. “They have basically been asked to build up to a three-mile run each day and been given some basic workout plans that they can all do at home.”

Normally, the Wranglers’ third-year head coach would be conducting spring practices at this time of the year. Those sessions give the coach an indication of how many players, by their consistent participation, are serious about competing this coming fall.

He fears, though, that some might be listening to or reading sports news, which recently reported that national college football television analyst Kirk Herbstreit said last week he doesn’t think there will be a football season this year due to the virus.

“Speculation is always dangerous, and I think it is important we deal with what we know,” Coach Mitchell said. “We (the football program) are proceeding like life will return to normal, and we need to be ready to go by late summer.”  

The coach has directed his staff to contact their position players and give them drills and activities they can do at home without direct supervision.  

“Quarterbacks need to be throwing, and receivers need to be catching — even if that means to your sister or brother.  We can certainly cover some ground during this period, and that won’t happen by playing Xbox at home.”

Players, including incoming freshmen, who have not be contacted or recently transferred to the area should contact Coach Mitchell at or by calling him at (208) 946-8563.

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