WCA swim team earns multiple personal best times

Senior captain Aaron Armstrong swims his best stroke, the butterfly. Armstrong achieved a new personal best Oct. 5 with a time of 29:14, finished third place overall and brought home the bronze medal.

The Wickenburg Christian Academy swim team travelled down to Canyon State Academy for the Ram Invitational on Oct. 5. The team includes freshman Rilyn Savage, freshman Mark Blodgett, freshman Elliot Offner, junior Ben Armstrong, and senior team captain Aaron Armstrong, along with coaches Jena Savage and Whitney Blodgett.

High school boys were up first with the 200-yard medley relay. Starting off the relay was Mark swimming backstroke, followed by Ben swimming breaststroke, Aaron swimming butterfly then Elliot wrapping it up with freestyle. The team took fourth place with a time of 2:11.88. Rilyn, Mark, Ben, and Elliot were next, swimming the individual 50-yard freestyle. Rilyn swam first with a time of 32:09, finishing in eighth place for the girls. Elliot got a new personal best of 29:99 and finished in 20th place; Ben swam with a new best of 29:12 finishing in 14th place; and Mark got a new best also with 27:73 and finished in ninth place.

Next up was Aaron with the 50-yard butterfly. Aaron got a new personal best with a time of 29:14 and finished third overall and brought home the bronze medal. Rilyn and Aaron then swam the individual 100-yard freestyle:  Rilyn got 1:12.46 and eighth place, and Aaron got a new best of 57:58 and fourth place.

For the 100-yard backstroke. Rilyn placed seventh with a time of 1:26.12, and Mark placed ninth overall with a 1:22.67. Ben swam the 100-yard breaststroke, resulting in a new best with a time of 1:21.41 and eighth place. Last event of the day was the high school boys 200-yard freestyle relay. Mark swam first, then Elliot, then Ben, then Aaron finished strong. The boys finished second overall and brought home the silver medal with a new best of 1:52.07.

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