Matt Johnson

Athletic Director

As I write this article, I am sitting between two athletic fields during regular spring season games, I see six men who are volunteering their time.  It makes me think of how lucky we are to have a community that cares for our kids.  These men have not asked for payment and will probably be late to dinner this evening. However, they graciously give their time to help Wickenburg High School athletes. 

Some of those who generously volunteer their time include, but are not limited to: Clay Gill, who is a stat guy for football and softball. Tony Melendez has been a part of Wickenburg Softball for decades. Tony is a “program” guy that will help wherever WHS needs him.  Keith Peterson has coached with the district for years, coaching many of our senior boys since they were in t-ball. Brad Matney is a newcomer this year but will be here for years as his son is a freshman on the baseball team.  Sarilda Grantham, a recent Wickenburg graduate, has been an integral part of the track team’s success.  Tonya and Mike Forbrook helped out with Volleyball. Mike is a heck of a DJ.  I also want to personally thank Aaron Aliser for his commentating skills in girls’ soccer and volleyball.  Wickenburg graduate Jose Jimenez put in a bunch of time with his father Juan, coaching the boys soccer team to a couple of playoff games.  Bryce Webster was a big part of the football coaching staff.  John Mussie and Vince Rodriguez were there to lend a hand to the wrestling team.  Crystal Waters played a key role in helping her husband Jimmy coach the girls’ soccer team this year.  One of Wickenburg biggest fans is Kevin Cloe.  Kevin has been there to take pictures, write articles, and even offer his advice on tournaments this year. Kevin has truly been instrumental in providing guidance and history when making key decisions.  For those of you who I may have missed, I am sincerely grateful for your help and your time this year.

I was really surprised, as a first-year athletic director, at the amount of work and people it takes to put on an athletic contest.  Even with all the volunteers we had this year, it wasn’t even close to being enough. I want to encourage anyone in the community who has an interest in sports to contact the athletic office at (92)684-6609, to inquire into ways to coach, run score clocks, work security, or just be involved with Wickenburg Athletics.  We couldn’t have made this year run without all of our volunteers and we look forward to welcoming new volunteers in the future.  There›s a saying that we announce every day on campus and I feel like it applies to not only Wickenburg high school but also to our community as well.

I am, you are, we are all Wranglers.

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