Are you in support of Wickenburg High School having a four day school week next year? Why or why not?

That’s the question Wickenburg Sun Intern Braden Ravenscraft asked kids on campus at Wickenburg High School this week.

Here are their answers:

Kelsey Hershkowitz, 10th grader “I think that the four day school week would be good for the school as far as saving money but I feel like it affects students as far as you get out later so the buses are later so you get home late. Kids have chores and sports and I know Fridays are the most active days for games, so that’ll help. I’m not in full support of it but I’m not fully against it.”

Sean Scheirmann, 11th grader “Friday is an extra day that I have to get up so I am in support of having a four day school week. Even if we have extra time added on to our day it doesn’t really matter because on Friday I’ll be way happier.”

Clare Peterson, 9th grader “No, I’m against it because of multiple reasons. One of the reasons that I think is the biggest is [many students] are on free/reduced lunch at our school, which means if we drop a day of school that they get lunch from the school they aren’t gonna be eating at home which is a major problem for the community.

Another reason is athletics, with the later school day it just pushes athletics back

farther, which means that kids are gonna get home later than they already are with an hour long drive. Then on Fridays when we don’t have school, sports are still gonna want to have practices, and someone’s gonna have to find transportation for them.”

Cody Ballinger, 10th grader “It doesn’t really matter to me. I think it would be a little bit bad considering the fact that sports practices tend to start at 3:30 [and] with the extra 25 minutes on the school day it could cut into that unless they’re going to get the activity buses later which cuts into people’s homework time after school.”

Chip Cordi, 10th grader “No, I am not in support of that. Our class hours are already long enough, and now they’re messing with the school day even more. Now I have to stay until 3:30 instead of 3.”

Sabrina Rollins, 11th grader “Yes I support it because it’ll make school a little less stressful [when we have longer weekends].”

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