Wickenburg neighbors,  I am asking all Verizon phone users to take a few minutes and consider your phone coverage with Verizon.  We live just outside of town, and since the beginning of August, have witnessed degraded phone service.  On our 4G phones in our home, there are times when the phone cannot even maintain the correct date and time.  And because the phone is searching for signal, the battery life diminishes faster.  To eliminate any doubts about what the problem is, we have visited the Verizon store and confirmed the phones are working fine; they suggest we call Verizon technical support to report issues with the tower.  When we call Verizon Technical Support to report the degradation in service, they only indicated that we are not in an optimal coverage area.   We have never really had excellent coverage, but at least we could make phone calls in our home without using a third-party router and our phones knew what time it was.   Verizon Tech Support actually told us that the only resolution is to get enough people to report issues with coverage.

Don’t you think its time that we should expect and receive good Verizon coverage in Wickenburg?  I think our town is big enough to support good, if not excellent, phone coverage.

So we are asking. Please call Verizon at #8899, or (800) 922-0204 (ask for technical support), report degraded service, and ask for a discounted phone rate to match the poor quality of coverage that you are receiving and/or demand that they test the tower for coverage in your area.  

Thank you for taking the time to do this and help motivate Verizon to address this coverage issue in our town.

Karen Havird


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