I would like to commend a waitress at Denny’s Restaurant for her honesty. The waitress is Kim ( I don’t know her last name).

My wife and I were in Denny’s a week or so ago, and I left my money clip with a small amount of cash in it on the table where we sat.

I didn’t discover it missing until several days later, and could not remember were I could have left it when my wife suggested maybe it was at Denny’s. So,we went to Denny’s to ask about it, and we could not believe they remembered us and promptly brought my money clip out with the cash still in it.

It is so great to know that there are still honest people in the world.

Kim should be commended for her honesty and given kudos by the management. Thank you, Kim. You are an asset to Denny’s as well as the town of Wickenburg.

Bob Lefrancois


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