Can you hear all of that tumultuous racket erupting out from the recent Wickenburg town council meetings? (Prior to the COVID-19 closures). Hmmmmmm; I can’t either. What’s up with that? What’s going on? Remember how noisy and chaotic the gatherings used to be and all of the hemming and hawing that spilled from them and how the subsequent hard feelings scattered out across the town? It seemed that almost every month controversy and ill will boiled out from those twice-a-month confabs. It was both unsettling and embarrassing.

Somehow, the meetings have made an abrupt turn and have morphed into gatherings parameterized by less chaotic engagement. That is not to say that there are no disagreements nor opposing views, it’s just that those differences are now voiced using a more civil discourse. The chaos has melted into the background and the meetings are now as they should be: elected city officials and concerned citizens gathering twice a month to do the business of the town, to consider the town’s challenges, listen to discussion and arguments pro and con, hear all manner of opinions and finally make decisions based upon that input. No chaos, no raging, no out-of-control mess.

As many of you already know, several months ago Wickenburg decided on a course correction by electing a new mayor, Rui Pereira, and it is no coincidence that immediately his leadership abilities made a positive impact on the town by bringing forward the very conditions that allowed for the dramatically improved environment at the council meetings. The business of the town now moves forward in a considerably more decorous manner and under Mayor Pereira’s stewardship, it will continue to do so.

With the upcoming election this August, Wickenburg’s citizens will have an opportunity to choose to stay on this now-established path of civil engagement, or possibly not. As to that impending choice, there’s a simple and well known adage that seems very apt, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Given the above, let’s make sure Rui Pereira has another four years at the helm of our fine little town to guide us forward and continue along that path of which we can all be proud. This August, please vote for Rui.

Richard Atwood


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