Be encouraged.

We in Wickenburg have been on the edge of our seats for several months, waiting to see whether a multi-million dollar hotel complex would actually take shape in our midst.

Today, it seems that it will not happen. Or, not yet. (See Provident story on front page.)

For some, this is a victory.

But for many in the community, it stings. Untold amounts of time, energy and money have been invested with the goal of bringing more vitality to our town. And while, the economy is improving on par with others like us, we are still minus an asset that anchors the downtown and transforms us to a shopping and dining destination. One development isn’t the only answer to the many opportunities in Wickenburg, but a hotel big enough to host small conventions, with a restaurant and retail shops visible from the highway, would tip the scales.

While many are dismayed today that one developer has left the building, it’s a good time to gather our thoughts as local business people and community leaders. We are the ones who go to work every day and make a living in our town. It’s a good time to focus again on what we want for our town, and together defend Wickenburg’s neighborly atmosphere from the attacks of those who do not wish to participate.

Like it or not, something is going to happen with the property known as Heritage Square. And soon. It’s private property, and this is America – the land of opportunity. Another developer will recognize the value there. When that happens, the folks who have historically made up the strong, stable fabric of Wickenburg must engage to lead and shape what Wickenburg will look and feel like tomorrow. Show up. Talk to people. Talk to Council. Support and encourage. Help weave the new developments in, so they fit with what we love about our hometown.

Now’s the time to encourage one another, to stay in the game and to bring positive, constructive ideas forward.

Wickenburg’s growth must be shaped by the people who best know, and truly love, Wickenburg.

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