At best I am dismayed. I lived in Wickenburg for over two decades. As its town planner, interim town manager, and airport manager, I had numerous disagreements with local residents and business owners. I always believed that reasonable people could disagree, and often we did. However I never doubted the intelligence of anyone in Wickenburg. I rarely doubted that those in disagreement wanted anything less than the best for their fellow citizens and the Town. We just disagreed.

I reckon that no longer holds. I have seen on national news and in today’s Prescott Daily Courier that the Horseshoe Cafe has defied the governors reasonable and rational directive and is serving sit-down-inside customers.

Candidly, if these folks catch the virus so be it. The problem is that they will leave the cafe and spread the virus to people who are obeying the governor’s direction. They will contaminate gas pump handles, which will then infect other consumers. They will cough on the sidewalk creating a cloud of virus that will infect others. They will give it to their kids who will further spread it around town. Granted the national response to the coronavirus has at best been muddled but that doesn’t give anyone the right to help spread the infection. Over the decades Wickenburg has made national news for a number of positive activities and life style choices. Not so much now.

The town I love is now the butt of national criticism and bad jokes. Help protect your fellow citizens of Wickenburg and Arizona. Even if you don’t like the governor, he is at least showing some spine and trying to mitigate the results of this viscous disease. Believe me it is brutal. Practice hygienic behavior.

Stay home and stay safe-please.

Gerald Stricklin


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