To the family and friends of the late Jim Corbet: sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the many cards, kindnesses, support, condolences and contributions to Hospice of the Valley from the community.

I would like to personally thank:

The Wickenburg Sun, it was an honor to see the front page goodbye acknowledgment.

The Wickenburg Fire Department, a distinguished tribute and praise to the firemen who attended the memorial and those who provided assistance and services during our battle.

Bill Green for honoring Jim publicly on the Double J Court sign.

Joe Bistodeau and the Rancho de los Caballeros grill staff in providing Jim’s favorite food choices for the memorial celebration.

 Tracy and Cindy Mattice, Wickenburg Funeral Home for the guidance and patience in pulling it all together, designing the bookmark handouts, and editing over 400 photos for the awesome slideshow. Lisle Payne and the Sigma Chi brothers who played a big role in coordinating the program, and their overwhelming attendance.

A gratifying thank you to the speakers who shared their admiration and fond memories of Jim.

The friends and family who traveled long distances to celebrate Jim‘s life.

The caregivers, Hospice of the Valley friends and family who provided strength, support prayers and comforting words.

Sister Jorja Beal whose selfless and generous love and encouragement lifted our spirits many times over.

And lastly a loving thank you to Jim Corbett for being the gentle, kind man he was. It was an honor to be your wife. You will forever be the love of my life.

En attendant de nous revoir.

Bev Corbet


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