By Publisher Jeanie Hankins

I had a birthday last week – a big one. Milestone.

I don’t feel any different. I don’t really look any different. Well, I may look a little different because I went shopping to update my wardrobe. At this point at least my clothes should be young, right?

I went to the post office. Got a letter from AARP.

“Welcome to the club,” it said. First, I wanted to rip it to bits, but I opened it just for giggles.

“If AARP thinks I could possibly retire at this point, they are really optimistic,” I said out loud walking to the trash can. The letter offered me 12 months of benefits for only $16 and, “AARP’s trustworthy information and resources can help you protect your health, your family and your career,” it read.

Wait, I thought I was retirement age? What’s this about my career? Then, the really great news caught my eye. If I sign up now, I get a free Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music at home or on the go. Portable hands-free design (so I can do some knitting while I listen to the oldies from my rocking chair?) I assumed it had a nice, loud setting for ancient people. Maybe that was explained in the fine print I couldn’t read.

At my advanced age, I can’t be bothered with anymore “limited time offers; yes, please send my free gift; get five years now for only $whatever.”

Boom. Trash can. Maybe in five years when I’m super old.

Makes you think though. The years go by fast. Super old isn’t as far away as it once was.

I’ve never minded stopping to look back as the milestones gently ease past. I can’t really see an age on the road behind that I would revisit for more than a short vacation. It doesn’t do any good to look in the rear view mirror for long anyway, other than to savor the sweet stuff. The road presently under our tires is easier to negotiate, and the future is something we can steer toward, fueled by the experience we’ve gained.

So here’s to the miles ahead as we all travel along together. I will try not to leave my blinker flashing, flashing, flashing, after I make the turn, if you’ll promise to drive at least as fast as the speed limit.

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