Adelaide Lesley Moore

Aug. 17, 1945 - June 21, 2019

Adelaide Lesley Moore, a funny smart lady, and a woman who despised complaining or whining, died June 21, 2019, in Wickenburg. Adelaide fought a short, but courageous, battle against pancreatic cancer. She was surrounded by a team of guardian angels and left us peacefully. Her life’s practice was staying positive, being kind and keeping a sense of humor and it permeated her daily actions even on the worst days. She is preceded in death by her husband Fred in 1995 and brother John in 1981.

Laughter, service and courage was Adelaide's motto. Born in Mexico City to Walter John Osborne and Jane Munhall Smyth on Aug. 17, 1945, the family moved to Guatemala when her brother John was born. And at the age of five they moved to New Jersey where her mother’s extended family began to take over the duties of raising both she and her brother up and down the eastern seaboard.

At the age of 14 Adelaide moved to Daytona Beach, Fla., to live with her beloved Uncle and Aunt and worked part-time at their turquoise and salmon pink motel on the beach. She graduated from Seabreeze High School in 1963 and moved to Westfield, N.J., after graduating. In 1965 she enrolled in Union County College where she was discouraged to follow her passion of science and biology (she had secret dreams of becoming a biochemist), but alas it was the sixties. She entered a beauty pageant on a dare and won runner-up. The prize was a job interview with Trans World Airlines.

Adelaide became a stewardess for T.W.A. in 1966 and was a proud employee who enjoyed 35 years with the company. These were Adelaide’s most treasured years. She flew all over, including her favorites: Europe, Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. And boy did Adelaide make dear friends and memories everywhere she went. Her absolute favorite cities to fly to were Milan, Rome and Cairo. Adelaide retired the airlines in 2011 having serving a 40-year career as a flight attendant.

Her biggest and proudest achievement was gaining sobriety in 1982. Up to her final day she would proclaim herself an “alcoholic” to all the doctor’s taking down her stats. To her it was a constant reminder that she was always one drink away from losing everything. One day at a time Adelaide persevered, and on May 5, 2019, she took a cake and received her 36-year chip in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Anyone who knew Adelaide knew her as an animal lover. In retirement, her passion for all creatures great and small became her main focus and drive. Over the years she was the proud rescuer and servant to five goats, a flock of chickens, many cats, many dogs, several ducks, two macaws, two cockatoos, an assortment of smaller avian friends and one bearded dragon. She could never turn a blind eye to a furry or feathered face.

In 2016, sick of feeling powerless to enact change for the betterment of all mankind, Adelaide stepped up in 2018 and was one of the early joiners of the Democrats of Wickenburg, Congress, Yarnell and Morristown who helped to make it build and take shape. There she met many new friends, learned to canvas, and was a member of the meeting/planning committee right up til the end.

Adelaide was a strong woman, a loyal friend, and a truly devoted mother. She is survived by many, many cherished “children” - her macaw Charlie; dogs Cooper and Francie; cats Sunshine, Boogie, Benny and June; and her daughter, Maureen - all will miss her dearly.

A memorial will be held in Adelaide's honor at the Hassayampa River Preserve near the picnic tables by the lake trailhead at 7:00AM on Saturday June 29th, 2019.