A group of Wickenburg’s citizens, business leaders and elected officials collected more than 600 signatures in the first 10 days of the most recent effort to recall Mayor Everett Sickles, according to Strategies 360 (S360) Senior Vice President Stacy Pearson, who said her organization is volunteering to help with the recall efforts.

The group, led by current town councilman and retired police Sgt. Ruben Madrid, pulled a recall packet on July 25 and began circulating petitions. Given the summer heat and travel schedules, the community’s response was astounding, Pearson said.

The basis for the recall reads, “Whereas Everett Sickles, the mayor of Wickenburg, was elected to represent the town, its residents, and its economic interests, he has failed to do so. Instead, Mr. Sickles has used his position of authority to question the future of our local police department, criticize the business community, disparage town employees, and create an overall environment so toxic, it is threatening future development and quality of life. Tens of thousands of dollars have been wasted on his frivolous legal claims and baseless complaints against town vendors. His primary role is to promote our wonderful community. He has done the opposite.”

Madrid said, “It’s clear that town residents have simply had enough of the mayor’s unprofessional antics. It’s time to turn the page.”

Madrid and his volunteers began their recall efforts early this year, but a technical glitch on a number of petition sheets forced the organizers to file and circulate a second recall effort, Pearson said. The group plans to submit its petitions to the Town Clerk in early September, according to Pearson. If at least 440 signatures are validated by town and county officials, the recall election would be held in March.

For more information, call (928) 362-2296.

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