WCH reports patient with COVID-19; Ducey relaxes stay-at-home order

Wickenburg Community Hospital reported Tuesday (May 12) it had its first patient test positive for COVID-19. (Shawn Byrne/Sun photo)

As Wickenburg Community Hospital reported its first patient with a positive test for COVID-19 on Tuesday (May 12) Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey was announcing the state's next phase of recovery, including an end of his stay-at-home order as of Friday, May 15.

Barbara Crissman, WCH public information officer, released a statement informing the public about the positive test result.

“Due to expanded testing criteria, we were able to identify the patient who exhibited mild symptomology,” Karen Smith, WCH infection prevention manager was quoted as saying in the statement. “In adherence to privacy laws and confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the patient's name or any other personal identifiers.”

In the statement, WCH reports it has taken steps to provide safe and secure facilities for all patients and staff, such as implementing a telehealth program, curbside patient registration, well-patient clinic hours, temperature screening and mask wearing for all patients and employees at its facilities.

“Our healthcare team has fully expected to see COVID-positive cases since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jim Tavary, WCH president and CEO. “We … have the capacity and the capability to properly diagnose and treat COVID-positive patients without placing the community at a greater risk of exposure.”

Ducey announced Tuesday (May 12) that his stay-at-home executive order will expire on Friday (May 15). Pools, gyms, fitness providers and spas can re-open as of today, May 13, with physical distancing and enhanced sanitation. The governor also invited major league sports to a limited re-opening beginning Saturday (May 16), and movie theaters can open on Saturday as well.

“It's time to move forward with the next steps of Arizona's economic recovery – while continuing to make health and safety our No. 1 priority,” the governor said. “I'm grateful to all Arizonans for their partnership and cooperation during these trying times.”

For more information and guidelines, visit the governor's website at https://bit.ly/2AsX0Z7.

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