If the town of Wickenburg has its way, the yellow line above will be the route for I-11 in the local area.

Town of Wickenburg officials want the proposed I-11 freeway to be located east of Black Mountain, close to town limits. That’s the message being sent to all the federal, state and local agencies involved with planning the future interstate.

The Town of Wickenburg weighed in on where it would like for I-11 to be located when town council on Feb. 20 passed a resolution depicting a preferred route, recommended by the Mayor’s I-11 Task Force.

I-11 is a proposed interstate trade route designated by Congress from the Mexico border, stretching north through Arizona and Nevada, and possibly other states to the Canadian border. In Arizona, the interstate would begin at Nogales. From there, several routes are being considered, but the road would loosely parallel Interstate 10 past Tucson, Casa Grande, and the Phoenix area (see related map on page A-3). In the area of Buckeye, I-11 will continue north toward Wickenburg where it will tie in with US 93 and continue to Kingman and Las Vegas.

Locally, the Mayor’s I-11 Task Force considered routes through Vulture Mine Recreation area, across US 60 west of Wickenburg, and north to tie in with US 93 about four miles northwest of Wickenburg Ranch. Some of the proposed routes run west of Black Mountain (located beyond the Wickenburg Municipal Airport.)

During the Feb. 20 council meeting Wickenburg’s Economic Development Director Aaron White gave a brief history of Wickenburg’s process related to I-11 planning. On May 1, 2017, the council adopted a resolution supporting the I-11 design report from the Sonoran Institute. In December 2017, Arizona Department of Transportation released its alternatives selection report detailing different alignments of the proposed interstate to be located west of the Wickenburg town limits and west of Black Mountain, known as Alternatives S and U. The Mayor’s I-11 task force convened on Jan. 29 to consider the different alternatives and recommend a preferred alternative to council.

That task force expressed a desire to insure the best possible outcomes for the Town of Wickenburg in regards to visibility, future economic development, ease of annexation, ease of extending public utilities and mitigation of sound pollution, among other concerns, White reported.

Taking these items into consideration, the task force recommended a preferred alternative that includes corridor U north of the Vulture Mountain Recreation Area with a close alignment of corridor V east of Black Mountain north to US 93, as generally illustrated on the map by the yellow line. The recommended corridor would put it only one mile from the town limits versus the other alignments which would place it three to four miles from the town.

The resolution passed unanimously and will be sent to all agencies involved in the planning.

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