The students at Salome High School had a spirit-filled homecoming week preparing for the big game Sept. 20. SHS Student Council selects “Spirit Days” that all the students are able to participate in. The first Spirit Day of the week was “‘Merica Monday.” During this spirit day, students were to embrace their inner red, white, and blue and show off their pride in the U.S.A.! Mixing it up, the next day did not have as much color as ‘Merica Monday, as the students were now dressed up for “Blackout Tuesday.” Even though the color wasn’t very lively, the students were alive with spirit. Following blackout Tuesday, was “Beach Day Wednesday.” Students dressed up just like they were ready for some fun in the sun. This included pool floaties, noodles, beach hats, and floral leis. The final and most spirited day was “Leap Into School Spirit Thursday.” To end the week, students dressed up in all their green and white Salome gear to express their school spirit.

On Sept. 20, the big day finally arrived and SHS had its annual homecoming games and dance. The football players took on Mayer and won 60-0. The volleyball girls put forth their best effort, but couldn’t take the win this time. Each class had to create a float to show their support for the frogs. The Juniors took first place with their giant can of “wildcat” soup, and the Seniors came in a close second with their circus-themed float. Dayna Allen and Octavio Martinez were announced homecoming queen and king. After the games had ended, the students finished the evening with a school dance.

With their win during homecoming week, Salome has won four out of their five football games this season. They closed out the month of August winning against Fort Thomas with a score of 58-12. Going into September they may have lost their Williams game 50-20 but they played hard and did their best. The Frogs made a comeback in their next two games including their victory during homecoming week and their 40-28 win against Duncan. They plan to keep their winning streak against San Pasqual for their game on Sept. 27. If you want to come out to show your green spirit, the football team’s last home game is against Anthem Prep on Oct. 18. When asked how they plan to finish off this season strong, Coach McCarty said that “our practices will be more vigorous and we will pay more attention to detail.”

Switching gears to the volleyball season, Salome has won two out of their six games this year. They have nine games left this season and are still playing with confidence. They have four home games left on Oct. 2, Oct. 8, Oct. 18, and Oct. 22. With all these regular-season games left, the girls have plenty of time to turn their season around. They’ve won games against San Pasqual Valley and Mohave and, hopefully, they can build on those successes to finish out the season strong.

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