I know that this is a little late and the issue seems to be settled. My comments are about the Town of Wickenburg and the purchase of the building on the corner of West Wickenburg Way and Vulture Mine Road for the police department.

When I first heard about this, I was a little disappointed and concerned. I was on the special committee that was set up to review the current and future needs for WPD. This was quite a committee. It was composed of members of Town Council, former police and sheriff’s officers, people from the educational area and other Wickenburg community leaders. This was a “blue ribbon committee” and I was pleased that I was asked to be a member. My background is in financial planning and investment business.

As I mentioned, I was concerned about this purchase because the committee had looked at many facets of the Wickenburg public safety needs for now and in the future. We had reviewed projections from the county and state on population growth and where this growth would occur. When I was asked to present our findings to Council, the committee agreed on what the public service building should be and what was needed now and in the future.

After further checking I discovered that the proposed building is a good start with much lower costs to buy and remodel than waiting to buy property and build new. It is also in a great location to service the community. With three acres and the building almost half the size recommended by the committee, this is a bargain for the Town.

Currently WPD is working out of an inadequate area. I also had to laugh at the person who said we did not need a 20-person police force and he missed the crime wave. It appears he does not know what a police force does and has not visited our facilities to see what is needed.

I congratulate the Town manager and council for spending our tax dollars wisely.

David Roberts


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