In rebuttal to Joyce Macheca’s letter of Oct. 23:

She and the other citizens apparently didn’t get involved when the staff and town council negotiated and agreed to a lopsided agreement costing the town a lot of money. Wickenburg Ranch residents are and will be contributing lots of money to the school district, in fact, when fully built out it can be in the neighbor of approximately $2.6 million annually. That’s more than pocket change for even the “upper-middle class to wealthy.” It would be nice if the school used a lot of that money for higher teacher pay since Arizona is ranked second from the bottom in that category. The number of students attending Wickenburg School District from Wickenburg Ranch is probably zero to a handful.

All citizens of Wickenburg should work together along with the town council to address the new fire station issue in a professional way and be proud of their town. I have some ideas that I hope the town council will consider that should not cost the southern fire district residents additional taxes.

Ron Horne


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