We offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who participated in this rare act of democracy in action and to the 351 signers who took the time to listen and choose to exercise their civil rights. Many expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to participate.  More than 100 non-resident neighbors also expressed appreciation and encouragement.

 Referendum to rescind Wickenburg Resolution #2221 (also known as the Heritage Square Hotel Deal) was certified for ballot as of July 29, 2019.

 Referendums are one of the tools citizens may use in correcting government actions. Our activity was addressing identified defects in contracts summarized and reported to Council during its Public Hearing on May 20, 2019. Without considering the given testimony and evidence, Council approved Resolution #2221.

 Four town residents appealed to Council to rescind and address contract defects during call to public on June 3, 2019. Council ignored the request triggering Casey Hanna and Bill Cole to initiate an application to refer Resolution #2221 on June 6, 2019.

Twelve volunteers obtained 351 signatures in just 10 days with only one request for withdrawal.  Twenty-five signatures were disqualified by town staff during their oversight review.

 During Aug. 5, 2019, council meeting, the town manager reported that developer had withdrawn from the deal, effectively rendering the contracts at issue inoperable. Town council will deliberate on Sept. 3, 2019. We anticipate Council will rescind Resolution #2221 and we will withdraw the referendum.

 Town citizens did not get the opportunity to vote on this issue. However, we hope this experience will cause our Town government to use due process in creating fair and equitable high-quality contracts. We remain steadfast in our desire to see a positive, legal, diligent, and open government process that can make us proud.


Casey Hanna

Bill Cole

co-leaders of

PAC to  Rescind Resolution #2221

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