When I was a child, three men robbed my father’s store. He and I were held at gunpoint. I was looking down the barrel of that gun and I knew what it could do.

My mother, little brother, and sister were up at the house and happened to see what was going on. My mother picked up her gun, a big nickel-plated revolver, and came down to the store where she met one man at the door.

He, seeing that gun, jumped in the car and sped away in a hail of gunfire. This distraction gave my father an opportunity to grab the barrel of the gun that was pointed at us and pointed it back at the face of the robber, who quickly surrendered.  

My father surprised me in that he did not kill that man. My father kicked that man hard where it hurt most.

Moral: Fight back, stay armed.

Wilfred Heyen


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