I would like to offer a brief history of a Wickenburg naysayer.

As a Wickenburg Ranch resident I feel it’s important for the residents of Wickenburg to know Casey Hanna speaks and acts only for himself and not 99.9% of Wickenburg Ranch residents. Since moving to Wickenburg Ranch, his repetitive and negative petition drives and comments at town council meetings show that he does not have Wickenburg’s best interests at heart.  Following is limited history of his antics.

#1.  After moving here, at a home owners association meeting in 2016, Casey Hanna asked the developer of Wickenburg Ranch to exterminate what amounted to every mouse, rat, rodent, snake, and vermin within Wickenburg Ranch and golf course (3,100 acres surrounded by Sonoran Desert.)

#2.  He led the charge in successfully stopping a developer from investing millions of dollars in Wickenburg to build a hotel, high-end restaurant, retail stores, and (we now know) workforce housing. Last summer’s referendum, driven by Hanna, scared the developer away and prevented untold amounts of new tax revenues and improvements within Wickenburg by persuading people to sign a petition by misrepresenting the developer and the town’s intentions.

#3.  Next, Casey Hanna pulled a referendum to stop the Town’s purchase of the building at Wickenburg Way and Vulture Mine Road for a new police station. This building was last-valued at $2.2 million, has been vacant for five years and is not suitable for retail businesses. The Town could buy it for $1 million and, with additional investment, remodel it into much needed police station. But he rallied against it. Fliers distributed to the public in regards to the purchase contained a lot of misinformation.  

#4.  Hanna insists that a new fire station be built at Wickenburg Ranch (near his home) either today or yesterday.  Damn the costs to taxpayers – just build it now.  He uses legal jargon and disingenuous interpretation of contracts in his arguments.

#5.  Hanna also recently objected to a new and much-needed Verizon cell tower to serve northern Wickenburg, Congress and Wickenburg Ranch at the intersection of Hwys. 93/89.  I remember his argument was that he has not seen the engineering studies done by Verizon engineers. Does he think he is better qualified to locate, design, and build a cell tower than Verizon design engineers?

#6.  On Oct. 24, 2019 Casey Hanna filed an application for a referendum to prevent Wickenburg from settling the long-standing problem with the Forepaugh Development west of town.  (See Oct. 23 issue of The Wickenburg Sun for details.)  The sale of Forepaugh to the local buyer who has stepped up will be very financially beneficial to Wickenburg taxpayers and will finally solve the issues surrounding the property.  

Fellow citizens, remember these items when you’re approached by Casey Hanna and/or his fellow angry naysayers to sign his next petition. He, unfortunately, has saddled his horse with those who oppose everything that could benefit Wickenburg.  Please, first look at the full and truthful facts before adding your name to this legacy of negativity.

Dwight Zemp


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