Don’t judge the entire ranch by one horse.

In response to Joyce Macheca’s letter to the editor (Oct. 23):

Ms. Macheca perceives that one vocal resident represents the entire community of Wickenburg Ranch (WR). He speaks for himself, not the residents of WR.

She assumes we “have to be upper middle class to live there.” Many of us residents are on fixed incomes with Toyotas and not just “wealthy Ferrari owners.”

A good number of us are giving back to the town and volunteering our time in a number of ways: Helping Wickenburg’s wonderful community hospital (volunteering in different areas of the hospital, raising funds for the emergency department renovation, and the Pink Ribbon Angels); volunteering at the town’s terrific museum, amazing Del Webb theater, great library, and senior center. Some of us work at various businesses here and have joined many of your clubs, organizations and local churches.

The Wickenburg Cares group was formed here with a goal to have WR residents donate time, skills, and/or funds to the town of Wickenburg. To date, it has interacted with the Wickenburg Community Services Corporation (WSCS) and Wickenburg Habitat For Humanity. The Wickenburg Community Action Partnership (CAP) is made up of volunteers from both Wickenburg and WR and is currently running a campaign for WR residents to donate and provide 120 food boxes each month to your food bank. We also contribute to the Kids Weekend Food Pack Program sponsored by the Elks Lodge distributing nutritious, healthy foods to local children.

Wickenburg Ranch itself is doing its part to contribute to the community. Hopefully, you enjoy the décor on the light posts during the Christmas season that comes from its contribution, as well as, WR’s generous donations to a number of nonprofits in our community. Some of the teachers at Camp Imagination stay as guests of WR residents free of charge.

We eat at all the restaurants, shop at the local clothing stores, and when our friends and families visit, they also support the local businesses. We keep our cars maintained here (including body work). We patronize the local hardware, grocery, and convenience stores. We use a wide range of the local businesses and services -- landscaping, insurance, banks, interior décor, contractors, health care providers, and other service providers.

WR residents moved here because we love Wickenburg and some of us have been coming for over 60 years to enjoy the dude ranches and desert living. The “old-timers” and “locals” are warm and welcoming and we do believe most of us “newcomers” are equally so. Many of us are from small towns ourselves. We care about Wickenburg, which is why we strive to contribute in so many ways. Don’t forget our tax dollars are at work for the benefit of the entire Wickenburg community.

So Ms. Macheca shouldn’t judge the entire book by what she perceives is a glitzy cover. A thank you, kindness to a friendly neighbor, and a hearty handshake is what life is all about. OK … and a gentle horse.

Dale Marin


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