I’d like to comment about our local Legion which I have belonged to for three years. I understand the current officers insist the members be able to smoke in the bar area and it’s always been that way. If you mention changing to a nonsmoking establishment you hear, go someplace else. I think in three years I have been inside the Legion twice and come out within minutes stinking of smoke so bad I about gagged. Went straight home and threw my clothes in the washer and took a shower. I decided last week to transfer my membership to Post 62 in Peoria, it is nonsmoking and has great perks that our Legion in Wickenburg does not offer, in one week a few of us from Wickenburg have drove down and enjoyed a wonderful smoke free evening and dinner, this is as many times as I visited our local Legion in three years. If I only go there once a month that’s 12 times a year. Far more than my few visits here in three years. I have spoken to numerous veterans in our town who are dues-paying members to our Legion but never use it because of the smoke. Maybe it’s time to think about it, time to change for the better. Meanwhile, I’ll be headed to Peoria to enjoy a smoke free Legion. Anyone interested in transferring so you can actually use your Legion, check it out and seriously consider the move.

Tim Russell


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