All sports fans recognize a “hail Mary” as a long pass and an impossible catch in football. Although the Notre Dame University football team is often credited for the term, sportscasters have adopted the term for an impossible catch of a long forward pass.

Perhaps we might remind our protestant brethren that Catholics and others honor Mary but worship her Son Jesus as Lord and Savior.

In California, two examples of Catholic high schools with outstanding sports programs are De La Salle and Mater Dei. Catholic schools and colleges are recognized for their academic standards, character formation, as well as sports. They attract many non-Catholic students who desire a better educational environment. All students who apply are given equal opportunity regardless of their religion, ethnic background or financial status.

It is time for American families to put God first, ahead of sports! Many sports stars are giving their Creator thanks and credit for an outstanding play, and all should stand for the National Anthem!

Albert G. Giordano

Professor Emeritus

93-year old WW II navy veteran

Former teacher at Wickenburg High


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