Wickenburg has the same problem that many other places and organizations have: NIMBY.

As a director of a large electric co-op for 15 years, I saw this with new power lines, wind generation and even solar.  Everyone wants electricity when the switch is thrown with no outages, but as to sources, NIMBY (not in my backyard). Don’t put the ugly windmills or power lines in my view.

I have been a visitor to the Wickenburg area, every year but one, since the mid-1960s.  I subscribe to The Sun and have for years. I see lots of letters, articles and comments about how Wickenburg should and can attract more business, but all seem to be complaints and not constructive ideas.

Every new idea comes with people for and against, and the most effort seems to come from those against. Sometimes they lose (Wickenburg Ranch), thank goodness.

Now, someone has called the bluff of the naysayers. A great new improvement idea seems to have been presented to Wickenburg in the idea for a new hotel complex on Wickenburg Way in downtown. Yes, it needed tweaks, but it was a great idea with money to back it. Along comes the likes of Casey Hanna and company. He hides behind frail statements about wanting to correct language in the contract as he is an expert, but YUP! He spoiled the whole deal.

I could not agree more with Leon and Jackey Powell, and Pierre Prouty in the Aug. 21 Sun. They hit the nail on the head with very short letters. Kudos to them!

Robert “Bob” Heath

Center Harbor, N.H.

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