Sorry to hear, that last week’s letter writer did not enjoy the hospitality of American Legion Post 12. Since you only stayed a few minutes in the Post bar,  you probably had to gulp down the best priced drinks in town, and you did it not only once but twice. Smoking is only permitted in the bar, not in kitchen, not in dinning area, not in offices or during meetings, but you did not  have time to go in those areas in the few minutes you spent at the Post. 

Dining room is used for bingo, fish fry, membership meetings, celebrations of life and various fundraising functions, which are staffed by volunteers. You probably did not volunteer with bingo, fish fry, placing flags around town 11 times per year or visiting cemeteries in Wickenburg area to place new 12” high flags on soldiers’ graves or attend a membership meeting, all because there is smoking allowed in one part of the Post, the bar.  The commander does not establish building rules, but the members do, as the owners of the building. Those rules can be changed by member vote during meetings. But you did not attend a single monthly meeting to try to change the smoking policy.  I do not believe that you, know numerous veterans who complain about the smoking policy, and I do believe that “go someplace else” is an exaggeration. 

The 340 brothers and sisters in arms  (less one) are not prone to chasing one of their own out of the bar. When you are not busy driving to Peoria, look around town at the flags placed on special holidays by the Post volunteers. The money raised from this flag program is used 100 percent for scholarships the Post gives to the future leaders of our country.  The $35 you pay for membership barely covers Post’s accounting expenses as most of the money goes to American Legion’s National Organization.  Now, who do you think got a better deal from your leaving the American Legion Post 12?  Oh, by the way, smoking is not a requirement to do volunteer work at Post 12.

John Zalitis


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