In response to Joyce Macheca’s letter regarding Casey Hanna:

One person cannot and should not represent any one segment of this community, including the Wickenburg Ranch community. While many of us WR’ers have come here from all over the country, we moved here because we were attracted to the amazing beauty, the western culture, and the warmth of Wickenburg residents. This place is truly special.

Many Wickenburg Ranch residents contribute to the community of Wickenburg in positive ways, and in ways that may not be known to the local community. Just a few of the contributions: My husband and two others from WR coach the Wickenburg Wrangler High School football team; I am a Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce member and WUSD substitute teacher; my neighbors drive seniors a few times a week; work in the hospital gift shop, and volunteer at the Humane Society. The high school swim team uses the WR pool for practice. Many residents at WR have designated taxes to go to the schools. I’m sure there are many other contributions from the residents at WR of which I am not aware. In addition, the Ranch provides employment for locals, many of whom we have grown quite fond (Mo, Christy, Tina, Rebecca, Mandy).

So please do not let one person characterize all of the residents of WR. I believe we, the residents of Wickenburg Ranch, contribute much more positively than negatively to the community of Wickenburg!

There is much to be gained by all of us working together in a positive way to continue to make this town the special place we have come to call “home!”

Gail Mitchell


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