I am rebutting the letter from Dwight Zemp published on Oct. 30, 2019. In large part, Zemp attempts to claim as facts his misguided and imagined interpretation of events that I participated in.

Let me set the record straight. Zemp and I have never met, let alone had any conversation about his claims. He does not know me, nor do I know Zemp.

I am not a “Wickenburg Naysayer.” Attempting to label me as such is close to slander. I am a concerned citizen that is guided by principle. “If you see something wrong, speak up.” I, and other citizens, have done just that. We have participated as a group of citizens that believe in converting word to action by exercising our First and 14th Amendments in petition to our government to allow for civil, respectful debate and vote by the electorate. I, like all residents I have met, want to be part of a positive, vibrant, healthy, safe and involved community.

Mr. Zemp makes many false claims as if they are facts. In large part, they are misinformation or falsehoods, some probably cross line into slander.

Examples of these false claims Zemp make are:

“... asked the developer of Wickenburg Ranch to exterminate what amounted to every mouse, rat, rodent, snake, and vermin ...” Zemp is sensationalizing an imagined event. Claim is false. No such request was made.

Zemp claims storyline of those that were in opposition of petition to refer No. 2221. Reality is petition was initiated because of serious flaws in contracts. Petition certified with 326 signatures, however, failed to go to electorate because developer quit and left town.

“Fliers distributed to the public in regards to the purchase contained a lot of misinformation.” Zemp doesn’t give any example of misinformation. Claim is false. Petition group worked hard to ensure distributions to public were factual and relevant.

“Hanna insists that a new fire station be built at Wickenburg Ranch (near his home) either today or yesterday. Damn the costs to taxpayers -just build it now.” Zemp sensationalizes an imagined event. Claim is false. Attempts character assassination. We did propose using Town’s contractual obligation to build public services facility in North Wickenburg as alternative solution to satisfying current police facility space needs.

“... he has not seen the engineering studies done by Verizon engineers. Does he think he is better qualified to locate, design, and build a cell tower ... ?” Zemp obfuscates, claim misrepresents what was said. Town application reviewers didn’t have qualified engineering report analyzing problem and solution proposal.

“ ... sale of Forepaugh to the local buyer who has stepped up will be very financially beneficial to Wickenburg taxpayers and will finally solve the issues surrounding the property.” Claim is misleading and without facts.

This deal is more than 3/4 million-dollar loss to Town and doesn’t solve significant issues still being discovered.

Zemp closes with rants attempting to assassinate petition group’s character. Shame on Zemp. I’m praying for him and his like.

Casey Hanna


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