A lecture to the ungrateful, racist, vicious, vindictive, radical and divisive angry women with an anti-American agenda; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley:

It was a small, silk flag; a foreign flag and my life depended on it. I was 8, too old for my years. It was World War II Europe. My responsibilities were many-standing guard outside in the cold nights so my father could listen to the BBC in English-listening to the passing of allied bombers darkening the sky, heading to Germany, so we could all take shelter. And I was responsible for guarding this sign of freedom, the foreign flag hidden in a book on the shelf, given by my father.

One day, two soldiers entered the house searching for something. Books went flying across the room, but the flag remained silently among the pages, it was a good flag– the American flag. Years later, after surviving the war, socialist/communist indoctrinate, refugee camps and a 10-year wait, my dream of living legally under the stars and stripes was finally recognized.

With my precious U.S. citizenship, I try to live up to my new country’s expectations, the practice of responsible citizenship. I hold dear my heritage, but I embrace fully and unequivocally my American culture, English language and the wise white founders who made it all possible.

My gratefulness and American pride is undying.

Milvia Stokes


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