Reading your guest column by Mr. Kientz in the July 21 issue of the paper left me pondering.

According to Kientz, he stopped at a little drive-in coffee shop in Cortez, Colo., for an espresso and met the owner Bill, a retired college professor from Chicago (my first ponder) and their great conversation about Chicago, higher education and teaching and the why as to how Bill ended up owning this “funky” (unconventional and unsophisticated) business; quite a step down from a college professor.

Anyway, Kientz went on to tell of Bill’s story about his employee, a Navajo lady whose accomplishments were exemplary to say the least, and about a man who came in wearing a red baseball cap that said “make America great again” and who verbally insulted and physically assaulted the woman, throwing a plastic waste can and hitting her in the head. Whoa! Chicago Bill, the owner stood there and did nothing? Just let the scum bag walk out?

And on hearing this story, Kientz “could only think about how sad it is were so polarized in our beliefs we have become bitter and hurtful”. Would it perhaps have been better if he had asked Bill why he did nothing to intervene as this was taking place, called the sheriff to file assault charges, or in the very least told the man to get out.

Oh well, just an old ranch woman pondering and thinking how different the story would have been if such an incident as this had happened on my cowboy husband’s watch, or most of the cowboys I’ve known, they truly are the kind who make America great.

Carole Jarvis


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