It’s apparent Casey Hanna has not learned anything. Pretending to be the voice of reason for the community, Mr. Hanna has promoted what I believe are falsehoods, misinformation, and lies regarding numerous projects in the town of Wickenburg. Misrepresenting the truth is a very dangerous tool, affecting the reputation of a business or an individual.

Mr. Hanna, in a very short time, has bullied people in Wickenburg to believe his disruptive reality based on false facts, and not the accurate facts of economics and commerce.

Mr. Hanna has twisted the truth, all with the smirk of The Grinch. It’s time to confront Mr. Hanna on his true intentions in Wickenburg.

His lack of respect for authority and manipulation is a sign of ulterior motivation and personal gain.

What’s your real story, Mr. Hanna?

Pierre Prouty


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