A school is a place to educate. This is why in 1905 the Little Red School House (now Garcia Little Red School House) was built with local residents’ money, replacing an old wooden structure built with material from the Vulture Mine.

Every school had our first president’s portrait – George Washington – hanging on its walls, yet this is no longer the case.

Recently, the portrait of George Washington and his wife, Martha, was placed back on the Garcia Little Red School House walls after an absence. The Washingtons were married for 42 years, and this year was their 260th wedding anniversary.

Their home/farm – Mount Vernon – became their refuge after years of sacrifice and public service.

“Who was George Washington?” some uninformed would ask.

On Feb. 4, 1789, General Washington was chosen unanimously to be the First President of these United States of America, choosing brilliant men for cabinet, among them Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

In 1797 Washington returned to his beloved farm, Mount Vernon, his final resting place.

His wise words still resound today:

“If your children grow up in ignorance, we can not expect them to understand the nature of liberty.”

Milvia Stokes


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