Swim-A-Thon performers (Thursday, Aug. 30, 1979)

A group of more than 16 swimmers managed to complete over 30 laps during the Swim-A-Thon. Included in the group are (front row, left to right) Helen West, Troy Hefner, Kim Pendergast, Melissa Williamson, Ginny McDonald, Nancy Georgas, Cheryl Bergman, (second row, left to right) Dennis Gill, Katherine Hefner, Tiffany Gill and Suzy Goff, (back row, left to right) Mrs. Terry Snodgrass, Robert Chilton, Todd Thayer, Fred Russell and Mike McDonald.

80 years ago

Schools will open Monday, Sept. 11 (Friday, Sept. 1, 1939)

According to Superintendent H.K. MacLennan, the Wickenburg Elementary School will open Monday, Sept. 11.

The school is offering work in instrumental music for the first time to the upper grades. Classes are also being organized in shop work and sewing.

The teaching staff for the coming year includes: John R. O’Brien, principal and eighth-grade departmental work; Donald Gillette, upper grade departmental work; Henry Fuller, instrumental and department work; Carl Jepson, shop and departmental work; Marjorie McVey, fourth grade; Marjorie Love, music and second grade; and Fay Shawler, first grade.

70 years ago

Friendly ‘Howdy’ awaits delegates (Friday, Aug. 26, 1949)

Delegates from at least three states, fired with enthusiastic determination to make U.S. Highway 70 the best known and most popular all-year transcontinental route will meet in Wickenburg Saturday and Sunday.

They will come from towns and cities along Highway 70 in Arizona, California and New Mexico to attend an important conference sponsored by the Highway 70 Association.

Wickenburg business houses will display colorful pennants greeting the out-of-town visitors; street banners are planned on both 60-70 and 89 in town.

60 years ago

Football starts with 23 players (Friday, Aug. 28, 1959)

Twenty-three boys reported to Coach Ralph Moran at the high school Monday for football practice.

By the time school opens, another 15 to 20 players are expected to have joined the squad.

Of those who reported this week, seven are lettermen. They are: Eldon Pendergast, Dan Doom, Gene Hampshire, Dick Hummelgard, Sam Doom, James Nelson and Glen Cate.

Other lettermen who are expected later are: Douglas Pemberton, Ronnie McIntire, Clifford Pollay Jr. and Larry Roberts.

50 years ago

WHS teaching staff complete (Thursday, Aug. 28, 1969)

School starts Tuesday, Sept. 2, and the following teachers will greet students at Wickenburg High School:

Principal - Roland Wolke; Mathematics - E. Curtis Arnett; Music - David C. Boor; Science - William M. Davis; Business - Daniel Lee Doom; Auto Mechanics - Gary J. Francese; Industrial Arts - Jack W. Gladden; Art and English - Richard P. Gross

History and Spanish - Helen D. Hawkins; English - Margaret E. Hollingshead; Guidance and History - Joseph H. Kenrick; Driver Education and P.E. - Ralph G. Moran; English - Marie L. Myers; Geography and Business - John H. Neil; Librarian - Ruth C. Rega; Home Economic - Kathleen Rhorer; Math and Speech - Donald G. Sypherd; History - James H. Urie; General Science and P.E. - Lynette D. Whitney.

40 years ago

Counselor opens office here (Thursday, Aug. 30, 1979)

A former Phoenix Youth Service Bureau worker will be starting a family, group, marriage and individual counseling service in Wickenburg next week.

Barbara McArthur, a counselor with the Youth Service Bureau in Phoenix for 6.5 years, will open her doors to those who wish counseling on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Hassayampa Building.

30 years ago

Rolls up slightly as school begins (Thursday, Aug. 31, 1989)

Enrollment inched up slightly compared to last year’s projected student turnout for the Wickenburg Unified High School District.

Superintendent Hank Suvekrup said Monday the district expects 1,177 students to come through the doors of the three schools - an increase of 17 pupils compared to last year’s opening-day figure.

This year’s total includes 440 students at Wickenburg High School; 404 at Vulture Peak School; and 333 at MacLennan Elementary School.

20 years ago

Moran Memorial Field to be dedicated Friday (Wednesday, Sept. 1, 1999)

Wickenburg High School’s Wrangler Field will be officially renamed Ralph Moran Memorial Field on Friday, Sept. 3 between 6:30 and 6:45 p.m. before the Wranglers’ take on Phoenix Christian in their first football game of the season.

Wickenburg High School graduate Dave Stevens, who now works for ESPN television, is scheduled to be Master of Ceremonies for the event.

10 years ago

Bypass to open Sept. 14 (Wednesday, August 26, 2009)

Although the entire project won’t be completed until February, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has announced tentative plans to open the downtown Wickenburg highway bypass for traffic around Monday, Sept. 14.

ADOT Resident Engineer Andy Roth reported to the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee last week that its contractor Markham Company was on schedule to finish the stripping of the newly paved roadway between the two already completed roundabouts - downtown and on the northwest end of the community.

The new roadway runs alongside the Hassayampa River.

Work will continue in areas adjacent to both ends of  the bypass through the first part of next year, especially near the south  roundabout where part of the former bridge over the river will be removed and the other part prepared for pedestrian traffic.

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