Competing in Little Missy Contest (Friday, Oct. 9, 1969)

These potential Miss Americas of the mid-1980s participated in the Little Missy Wickenburg Contest here. They are (back row, left to right) Sandra Schafer, Polly Ann Sams, Jeri Inez Hoskin, Katherine Williams (the winner), Cynthia Diane Garcia (runner-up), Debra Ritchey, Patricia Ann Martin, Ann Marie Hale, Sonya Robinson, Cindy Lou Schafter, (front row, left to right) Susan Heine, DeeDee Eldridge, Andrea Libonate, Vanessa Lizarraga, Malinda Bayne, Gwenn Heathman and Ranae Hall.

80 years ago

Traffic ordinance pas +sed this week (Friday, Oct. 13, 1939)

At a regular meeting of the Town Council held Monday in the council chambers of the Town Hall, the meeting devoted almost entirely to the passing of a new ordinance pertaining to traffic regulations in Wickenburg.

One important clause of the new ordinance states in part: “It shall be unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle upon the streets of Wickenburg in excess of 20 miles per hour, except where otherwise specifically provided by sign.”

Angle and parallel parking on the streets of Wickenburg will also go into effect to take the place of the old habit of automobiles parked in every angle - frequently too far to the left.

70 years ago

10 million will view ads for Wickenburg (Friday, Oct. 7, 1949)

Full-page, full-color advertisements in four major national magazines this month will tell the colorful story of Wickenburg to the readers of America.

The ads are being sponsored by International Harvester company of Chicago. Nearly 10 million readers will see the Wickenburg ads, being published in support of the Safety and Courtesy Campaign of the American Trucking Association.

Insertions will appear in the Oct. 24 issues of Time and Newsweek, in the Oct. 22 Saturday Evening Post and the Oct. 29 Collier’s.

60 years ago

Episcopalians to delay services (Friday, Oct. 9, 1959)

First services in the new St. Albans Episcopal Church, originally scheduled for Oct. 4, have been postponed until Oct. 18 in order that the interior of the building can be entirely completed.

Cornerstone of the new building was laid last Saturday afternoon. Inside the stone were place a Bible, a book of common prayer, copies of The Wickenburg Sun, minutes of the congregation, names of those who contributed to the church and its furnishings, names of the members, and a cross.

50 years ago

Chamber of Commerce faces financial crisis (Friday, Oct. 9, 1969)

Director Harry Needham of the Chamber of Commerce announced this week that the office has been closed pending final tabulation of pledges for 1970 of old and new members.

All 1969 members are being contacted for renewal of their pledges for 1970.

New members have already pledged nearly $2,500.

All payments that have been made since Sept. 17 are presently held in a special account to be returned if the office is permanently closed because the goal is not met.

40 years ago

Applications for senior housing unit accepted (Thursday, Oct. 11, 1979)

The Foundation for Senior Adult Living, Inc., as management agent for FSAL Rural Development Corporation, will begin accepting applications for a new 25-unit elderly housing facility and community building scheduled for completion in May in Wickenburg.

The new apartments are located on West Road, south of Highway 70.

In order to be eligible for the program, total adjusted annual income cannot exceed federally established limits. The income of one-member households cannot exceed $9,100. Two-member households are allowed $10,350 in income.

30 years ago

Town landfill approaching capacity (Wednesday, Oct. 12, 1989)

The Wickenburg landfill, northeast of the airport at the industrial airpark, will be at its capacity in four years - so the town has to start planning now.

Town Finance Director Tom Candelaria said this week that due to recent state and federal regulations regarding the dangers to water supplies and air that is potentially posed by a landfill, studies for a new location have to begin now.

One of the options, according to Candelaria, is to leave land adjoining the current landfill from the state and continue as before.

20 years ago

YMCA on the way here (Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1999)

A branch of the YMCA, a respected non-sectarian service organization that traces its roots in America back more than 145 years, is coming to Wickenburg.

Susan Jackson, who has coordinated the organization of a local founding committee for a “Y” here, said a national field consultant will soon be in the community with a support staff to interview selected influential citizens, conduct a feasibility study, and then hold a general information meeting on a local YMCA branch.

Jackson, nine-year resident of the community, said the programs that will be initially offered here will focus on the community’s youth, with specialized after-school programs, training for children, and child care.

10 years ago

Town tries four-day week (Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2009)

In a unanimous decision earlier this week, the Wickenburg Town Council voted to allow Town Hall to operate four days a week during a three-month trial period beginning Nov. 30.

Throughout the trial period, Town Hall will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday and closed Friday. The police department, the fire department, the community services department and the public works department will continue to operate on their normal schedules.

The Town’s personnel committee discussed the issue at lenght late last month and voted unanimously in favor of the four-day work week. The committee consists of Mayor John Cook, Councilman Scott Stewart, Town Manager Gary Edwards and Human Resource Analyst Amy Brown. Edwards and Brown are non-voting members of the committee.

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