Swim trophy winners (Thursday,  Aug. 9, 1979)

Wickenburg swimmers Mike MacDonald and Katherine Hefner look over trophies they won during last week’s Mar-West Finals in Peoria. Both MacDonald and Hefner placed third in their age groups in all-around performance during the meet, which was the best showing by a Wickenburg team in the finals to date.

80 years ago

Opinion: Olde Vulture Daze (Friday, Aug. 11, 1939)

No doubt it has occurred to you that nearly every town, if not all towns around us, stage some kind of celebration annually to advertise the town and bring people to it.

We used to have such a celebration in the years gone by when the World’s Fastest Championship Rodeo was an event Out Wickenburg Way each spring. Since Phoenix has started holding rodeos every year, however, it was found that it is impossible to compete with them.

Several local businessmen have ideas circulating through their minds that would give us something different in the way of a celebration that would bring people here as our guests for a day or two.

Why can’t Wickenburg have “Olde Vulture Daze” with old-time rock-drilling contests, mineral displays, long beards and hobnail boots?

70 years ago

Guest ranch here will soon become biggest in state (Friday, Aug. 5, 1949)

Plans for increasing accommodations for guests at Rancho de Los Caballeros to make it the largest guest ranch-resort in Arizona were revealed here Tuesday by President Dallas Gant, who came over from the Fort Clark Ranch at Brackettville, Texas, to arrange for the new construction at Los Caballeros.

When the contemplated work is completed by late fall, a total of 76 guests can be accommodated at the ranch that was opened for the first time last season.

New construction at the ranch will consist of a U-shaped building with 10 rooms and five baths that will serve as employee quarters. The main dining room will be enlarged to accommodate the increase in guest accommodations made possible by converting the present employees’ wing into guest rooms.

60 years ago

Many manganese workers laid off (Friday, Aug. 7, 1959)

This country’s domestic manganese industry all but died this week as the federal government’s stockpiling program ended.

Since Wickenburg is right in the middle of Arizona’s manganese producing and processing business, the situation locally struck a severe blow to the community’s economic progress.

The Mohave Mining and Milling Co. mill in Box Canyon shut down Wednesday. All operations at Artillery Peak have ended. The Black Rock Mine near Aguila closed Tuesday. W.H. Whiting’s custom mill near Aguila has closed.

Mohave’s operations in Deming, N.M., closed Wednesday, and most of the 30 employees there were laid off that day. Wells Cargo, a firm that set up business here several years ago to haul manganese, laid off 20 men Wednesday.

50 years ago

Short weather story: H-O-T! (Thursday, Aug. 7, 1969)

July was a hot one. Repeat: HOT!

Temperatures in downtown Wickenburg hit the 100 or higher mark in 26 of the month’s 31 days. Highest was the sizzling 116 on July 1. There were 10 days with highs of 110 degrees or higher.

The lowest high was 92 on July 24.

Rainfall for the month was 1.07 inches (unless it rained on the last day of the month after this was written). The rainfall came in five showers, the best .72 inches recorded on July 25.

40 years ago

Black and Goff receive scholarships (Thursday, Aug. 9, 1970)

Michelle R. Black, a 1979 Wickenburg High graduate, is headed to Yavapai College in Prescott to play volleyball.

Gillian R. Goff, also a 1979 Wickenburg High graduate, will leave for the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque to play softball.

The two girls are the first in the history of the sports at the high school to receive sports scholarships.

30 years ago

First High Desert Sports Festival next weekend (Thursday, Aug. 10, 1989)

Coordinated by the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce and a number of community civic organizations and businesses, the first High Desert Sports Festival will be conducted next weekend, Aug. 18-20.

The schedule of events include a softball tournament, horseshoe tournament, tennis tournament, golf tournament, volleyball tournament, co-ed softball tournament, and a street dance and children’s activities at Coffinger Park.

Clubs and businesses involved in coordinating the festival include the Wrangler Athletic Supporters, Wickenburg Jaycees, Wickenburg Inn and Tennis Ranch, Wickenburg Country Club, Wickenburg Elks Lodge and Golden Eagle Distributors.

20 years ago

Town goes into year financially healthy (Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1999)

The Town of Wickenburg is in good financial shape, as was confirmed recently by Finance Manager Tom Candelaria.

Candelaria said Wickenburg is carrying a $4.1 million-plus balance into fiscal year 1999-2000 after the Town Council formally adopted a $13.3 million budget at its Aug. 2 meeting.

Candelaria said about $1.1 million of the carryover is in the general fund, with another $2 million budgeted for utilities, and the remaining $1 million earmarked for special revenues.

10 years ago

Emissions testing now required (Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009)

Wickenburg residents are no longer exempt from the state’s vehicle emissions requirement and will soon start to see notice of that on their vehicle registration renewal forms.

Wickenburg residents remained free of emission testing, while residents of smaller neighboring communities such as Morristown, Circle City and Wittmann have been required to emissions test for a number of years.

The registration renewal application from the Motor Vehicles Division will say “Emission Test Required” when it is time to have a vehicle tested. Individuals will be notified by Motor Vehicle Division when they need to re-register their vehicle and if it is due for emissions testing.

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