Country Club agreement (Thursday, Dec. 7, 1989)

Signing the agreement for construction of a second nine holes of golf and a patio home development at the Wickenburg Country Club are (left to right) Lon McDermott, Kirk Horswill and Bob Bones. McDermott and Bones are developers in the joint venture, and Horswill is the chairman of the country club’s board of directors. (See 20 years ago, below).

80 years ago

Banquet honors Wrangler grid team (Friday, Dec. 8, 1939)

The merchants and citizens of Wickenburg were hosts Tuesday night at a banquet held in the recreation room of the Presbyterian Church honoring the Wickenburg Wranglers - football champions of the state in the six-man division.

Billy Wood sang several solos during the program, followed by speeches made by Wranglers Bob Williams, Phillip Echeverria, Robert Echeverria and Alvin Whipple.

E.T. Nelson and Superintendent H.K. MacLennan also gave talks.

Highlights of the evening occurred when MacLennan presented every member of the squad, their coach O.L.Corbin, and manager Billy Wood with a miniature gold football engraved with a “W” and “1939 Champions.”

The citizens and merchants of Wickenburg entertained the football team because of the fine showing they made in winning every game they played the past season.

70 years ago

Snazzy uniforms assured for band (Friday, Dec. 2, 1949)

It appeared obvious this week that the Wickenburg Schools Band will parade in the Salad Bowl parade in Phoenix on Jan. 2, wearing new and attractive uniforms - thanks to the efforts of the Round-Up, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.

Sufficient money is in sight to buy between 30 and 35 uniforms consisting of tailored frontier pants, gold shirt with possible purple piping (Wickenburg High colors), necktie and hat.

Bill Petersen of Petersen’s Men’s Wear was assigned the Herculean task of trying to round up the uniforms in sufficient number and size and said he believed they could be obtained for around $25 per set.

60 years ago

Town gives Dr. Kenney 100th birthday party (Friday, Dec. 4, 1959)

The entire community is invited to a birthday party Thursday, Dec. 10 in the Community Building at Sols Wash Park.

It’s the first time in the town’s history that an entire community has been invited to a birthday party. There’s a special reason behind the celebration. It’s the first time in the town’s history that one of its citizens will observe his 100th birthday.

Dr. C.E. Kenney, spry and respected citizen, was born in 1859 - four years before the Town of Wickenburg was founded.

50 years ago

Coordinating Panel to develop communication (Thursday, Dec. 4, 1969)

The town’s newest organization is known as the Wickenburg Coordinating Panel and was formed by representatives of the town government, school system, chamber of commerce and Wickenburg Economic Enterprises, Inc. (WEE).

The object of the panel is to develop lines of communication between the four groups.

Superintendent of Schools Samuel Ambrose served as chairman of the interim committee that brought the representatives of the four groups together at the Gold Nugget Restaurant Nov. 19.

40 years ago

Citizens Committee initiative petitions circulated (Thursday, Dec. 6, 1979)

Members of the Citizens Committee to Cut Government Costs are circulating a petition throughout Wickenburg this week asking for the citizen support of an initiative it proposes to place on the ballot in this spring’s town election.

The initiative would “prevent the Town Council from taxing the utility users by transferring monies earned over and above their cost to the general fund; force the utilities to be operated on a non-profit, self-sustaining basis that should reduce the costs of their services; and provide that the voters would have to approve any change.”

A statement released by the committee claims that residents on the town’s electric system are currently paying “13.8 cents of every dollar on their electric bill as a contribution to the general fund.”

30 years ago

Second nine on way to Country Club (Thursday, Dec. 7, 1989)

A “second nine” is coming to the Wickenburg Country Club.

Following an agreement reached last week between the Wickenburg Country Club’s board of directors and Bones Realty, plans for an additional nine holes at the golf club are now in the mill.

The agreement with Bob Bones and Lon McDermott, representing two Wickenburg firms who will work together in the joint venture enterprise, will provide for an expansion to 18 holes at the Wickenburg Country Club.

It also provides for the building of a planned housing development near the expanded golf course.

The total project will be constructed on approximately 48 acres of club property and another 47 acres of property controlled by the development.

20 years ago

Country club sale deal fails again (Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1999)

By a margin of three votes, the sales of the Wickenburg Country Club to a three-man development group failed last week.

It was the second time the proposal, for $500,000 to buy the 50-year-old facility tendered by a group headed by Ron Nicol, was defeated. The first time, the sale offer put to the shareholders of the club in late August, it fell short by 12 votes.

To pass, the vote required 50 percent plus one vote of all shareholders, or 327 “yes” votes.

The vote last Thursday - 324.33 in favor and 163.83 against - following much behind-the-scenes maneuvering between factions that favored and opposed the Nicol group offer.

10 years ago

Town branding in the works (Wednesday, December 2, 2009)

After considerable discussion, the Wickenburg Town Council earlier this week decided to move forward with a possible  marketing program to “brand” the town.

Staff was instructed by council to begin the process of putting a bid to determine if the town can afford to hire a marketing company that would create a brand for the town, which would make Wickenburg more recognizable.

Funding for this program would come from revenues generated by a new 2 percent bed/lodging tax that would go into effect early next year.

The council also discussed the importance of putting a portion of the new tax dollars into economic development, saying the town cannot survive on tourism alone.

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