State Runner-up (Thursday, Nov. 29, 1979)

Pictured with their second-place trophy after the Wranglers fell to Round Valley, 14-8, for the 1979 Class B state football championship are (front row, left to right) Carl Lutch, Ken Henson, Kyle Hilgers, (back row, left to right) junior varsity coach Ed Elliot, varsity head coach Ralph Moran and defensive coach Dan Doom, Not pictured is assistant coach Julian Orona.

80 years ago

More than 500 people will attend Coyote Hunt (Friday, Dec. 1, 1939)

It was stated this week by the local branch of the Arizona Game Protective Association members that more than 500 people from Phoenix and all the surrounding towns will be in Wickenburg to participate in the big Coyote Hunt, scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 10.

At a recent meeting of the association, it was stated that a location for the hunt will be selected some time this week. The site will be near Wickenburg, and it is thought that the event will provide a great deal of fun and sport for the local hunters and guests who participate in it. No hunting license is required.

The event is the first Coyote Drive sponsored in this vicinity.

70 years ago

Wranglers claim state six-man title (Friday, Nov. 25, 1949)

Wickenburg’s point-a-minute football team is claiming the State Six-Man Football Championship as a result of whipping the daylights out of a big, husky Gilbert team here last Friday evening.

The clean-cut victory carried with it the championship of the so-call Salt River Valley Conference and a bonafide claim to the state championship too because Benson, winner of the Southern Conference, turned down Wickenburg’s challenge to meet in a game to prove conclusively which is the best six-man team in the state.

The final score Friday was 47-22, and the Wranglers finished the season with an 8-1 record (losing only to 6-1 Gilbert earlier in the season).

The Wranglers, in their nine games this season, ran up a total of 428 points to 172 for their opponents. The Wrangler average was approximately 47 points per game.

In six-man football, the quarters are 10 minutes each - or 40 minutes of playing time peer game.

We venture the assertion that if every football coach in the country could have seen Friday night’s thrilling game here, which drew the largest audience to ever attend a football game in this town, the old-fashioned, outmoded and frequently boring 11-man football would soon become a thing of the past.

60 years ago

Funeral Tuesday for Bill Garcia, a pioneer here (Friday, Nov. 27, 1959)

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church for William Garcia, St., who died Sunday morning at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix after an illness of approximately one year.

Mr. Garcia, known to his many friends as “Bill,” was a native Wickenburger. He was born here Aug. 6, 1913 and lived here all his life. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Pete Garcia.

His grandfather, Ignacia Garcia, was one of the early founders of the town of Wickenburg and the man who donated the land on which the Wickenburg Elementary School, St. Anthony’s Church and the Garcia Cemetery are located.

50 years ago

Public Notice: Improvement District (Thursday, Nov. 27, 1969)

The Town of Wickenburg has been requested to start a Street Improvement District.

Anyone wishing their street engineered as to estimated cost per front foot must notify City Hall or the town manager by Nov. 30, 1969. This is the only way in which we can get any major street improvements in our town.

The streets that are being surveyed by the engineers now for the Street Improvement District are: Yucca to Palo Verde Drive; Palo Verde to Aircleta Drive; All of Aguila Drive, Papago Place, Kachina Avenue and Yuma Drive; Aircleta from the highway to Aguila Drive; West Road from highway to Aircleta Drive; Apache from the highway to Kellis Road; and South Washington from the underpass to Boetto’s Cattle Guard.

40 years ago

Town possible site of solar electric plant (Thursday, Nov. 29, 1979)

The Wickenburg Town Council gave the go-ahead Monday night to the Arizona Solar Energy Commission to begin drawing up a proposal that would put the town in competition for a federal grant for construction and operation of a solar thermal electric power plant to supplement the town’s electric utility.

The council voted 5-1 to give the Solar Energy Commission the nod to do the preliminary paperwork involved in preparing a proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy, which is planning to build one solar thermal power plant in the United States as an experiment to test the system’s feasibility.

30 years ago

Meeting to expedite Wal-Mart plans tonight (Thursday, Nov. 30, 1989)

A request from Wal-Mart, Inc. to “expedite as soon as possible” town approval of site plans for a 44,000-square-foot retail store to be built in Wickenburg will be set into motion tonight.

The Planning and Zoning Commission plans to review the site plans, building elevations and landscape plans.

If they are approved and Wal-Mart is successful in its bid to locate on a parcel of property presently under consideration for rezoning by the Town Council, construction is expected to begin on that store in the near future.

20 years ago

Mayor’s appointment approved (Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1999)

Wickenburg Mayor Dallas “Rusty” Gant’s appointment to the State Transportation Board has been approved by the Legislature, effective Jan. 21.

The appointment was made by Gov. Jane Hull earlier this year, subject to Senate confirmation.

Gant, the town’s mayor for the past seven years, will replace Phoenix businessman and Republic leader Burt Kurglick on the board.

Gant said he will not run for re-election as Wickenburg’s mayor and will step down from that office when his term expires in June.

10 years ago

Old bridge coming down (Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009)

Demolition of the old westbound bridge over the Hassayampa River is scheduled to begin this week. The bridge has been out of service since the new Hassayampa River bridge opened this summer. The work will be completed in one to two weeks and will not impact roadway traffic.

The Hassayampa riverbed will be closed in the demolition area to all vehicles, quads, horses, and pedestrians. Warning signs, barricades and caution tape will be installed to provide a safe work area.

After demolition of the old bridge, construction will begin on a new pedestrian pathway that will connect the old eastbound Highway 60 bridge.

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