Setting up for no parking (Wednesday, July 14, 1999)

Setting up for no parking (Wednesday, July 14, 1999)

Bob Richards of Agra Consultants was busy last Friday morning informing motorists that with the completion of paving and new sidewalks on North Tegner Street near the Sols Wash Bridge project, on-street parking has been eliminated. Most parking on North Tegner Street, from in front of the city/county building to the bridge, has now been eliminated.

80 years ago

Round-Up Club holds special meeting (Friday, July 14, 1939)

The Wickenburg Round-Up Club held a special mid-summer meeting last Wednesday at noon at wich several vital topics were thoroughly discussed.

Demanding the first interest was the report of the Road Committee given by Jack Burden, who listed its accomplishments during the past season of activity. The prevention of the Perryville to Salome “Airline” Cutoff sponsored by Buckeye was the most important of these.

Second in importance was the discussion of the possibility of staging in Wickenburg a yearly celebration to take the place of our former annual rodeos that were “purloined” out from under us by the Junior Chamber of Phoenix.

H.K. McLennan broached the subject and expressed the belief that a celebration that included miner’s activities, such as double-jack work, drilling, as well as cowboy activities, would go over well with the tourists and might serve to keep up Wickenburg’s reputation as a live spot as well as bring many outside people into town.

70 years ago

A dewey day for Macias at Dewey (Friday, July 8, 1949)

Frank Macias, well-known Wickenburg roper, came home from the rodeo at Dewey last Sunday jingling better than 500 bucks in his pocket.

Teaming up with his old roping partner Fred Lambert of Blythe, Frank collected one half of a $974 purse in the team tying. Then Frank loaned his roping horse to another contestant and, in accordance with a long-established code, received one-quarter of the winnings of that borrower.

60 years ago

Nowlin milked his way to ownership of Motel Mecca (Friday, July 10, 1959)

We can see nothing about Mr. or Mrs. Tillman Nowlin that suggests they were ever farmers.

Mr. Nowlin was born on a farm, handled horses and other livestock from the time he was able to walk, drove a horse and buggy 10 miles every day to and from school since the time he was 7 years old until he graduated from high school, drove a team of four mules when he was 8 years old, broke mules that were wilder than deer, and did more horseback riding in one week than most Caballeros would do in a year.

Mrs. Nowlin is no stranger to farm life either. She moved to the farm when she married Mr. Nowlin in 1923 and did her part of the chores until they moved to Wickenburg in 1940. She’s still doing her part of the chores at the Motel Mecca and Mecca gift store on Wickenburg’s Center Street, which they purchased June 1, 1944.

Motel Mecca was built in 1940 and, at that time, consisted of five units, the owners’ apartment, office and store.

50 years ago

WEE-town swap involves road and well (Thursday, July 10, 1969)

President Roger Kirschman of Wickenburg Economic Enterprises, Inc. (WEE) reports that his organization has swapped the well at the Industrial Airpark west of town to the Town of Wickenburg for a hard-surfaced road to be constructed by the town from Highway 60 to the new Benner-Nawman factory now in production.

“We feel that WEE is in a much better position to obtain new industries for the Airpark when we can show prospective plant heads their choice of sites with paved road access, water, electric power and telephone facilities,” Kirschman said, “and, of course, a fine airport with surfaced landing strip and apron as well as hangar facilities.

“After all,” he added. “all we had to show the Benner-Nawman people was bare desert land.”

40 years ago

Solar energy seminar draws local residents (Thursday, July 12, 1979)

About 70 Wickenburg homeowners packed the Gold Nugget Restaurant Thursday to find out if solar energy could save them money on rising utility bills.

The occasion was a solar energy seminar titled “The Wonderful World of Solar” and was sponsored by United Solar Mart, Inc., the Phoenix-based marketing outlet for Revere Solar Applications.

United Solar Mart sales representative Jim Sydell told those on hand that due to the skyrocketing costs of natural gas and electricity, the addition of a solar water heating system could save homeowners up to 25 percent of their present and future utility bills.

Sydell said the experts have predicted as much as a 600 percent hike in the price of natural gas by late 1984 due to deregulation, and he added that the price of electricity had climbed 71 percent in the Phoenix area between 1971 and 1976.

30 years ago

Sun City residents account for large tax revenue (Thursday, July 13, 1989)

Visitors to the Wickenburg area from the Phoenix area and elsewhere do a lot more than just sightsee - they bring with them a significant portion of Wickenburg’s operating budget.

When those people come to Bromm Chevrolet or Jones Ford to buy a car or truck, 6.5 percent of the total price of the vehicle is paid to taxes - city, county and state. A total of 1 percent goes to Wickenburg’s coffers.

That 1 percent, said Bromm Chevrolet owner Jerry Bromm, figures between $8,000 and $10,000 monthly for his dealership.

But where do most of the sales come from?

“Residents of Sun City and Sun City West don’t have a car dealership there,” said Bromm. “They either come here or to Phoenix to buy one.”

Mac McCombie, sales manager at Bromm Chevrolet, said that a survey taken two years ago when the Town Council was trying to decide whether to raise town taxes to bring in more revenue. As a result of the survey that year, the following was found:

54 percent of sales come from Sun City or Sun City West;

31 percent comes from places other than the retirement communities;

15 percent is local Wickenburg sales.

20 years ago

Route resolution approved by council (Wednesday, July 14, 1999)

The time to state Wickenburg’s position on an “interim improvement route” to relieve worsening downtown traffic through the community came last Tuesday.

The Wickenburg Town Council, despite a plea from the highway consulting firm studying the location of such a route to delay passing it that evening, approved a resolution defining the general parameters the town could accept in locating such a route.

By a 5-1 vote, with councilman Bob Bigler the only dissenter, the council passed a resolution that generally relates to a proposed “interim improvement” route that would start east of the present Hassayampa River Bridge, cross the river with another bridge going north of Sols Wash, and tying into U.S. 93 (North Tegner Street) at a point still inside the town limits.

10 years ago

Wickenburg featured at Diamondbacks game (Wednesday, July 8, 2009)

Wickenburg Christian recording artist Jessica Stanley will open Wickenburg Home Town Night at Chase Field in Phoenix at 5:10 p.m. Saturday night (July 11) by signing the Star Spangled Banner. After singing the national anthem at various local and area venues the past few years, the recent high school graduate will be heard by an estimated 25,000 Arizona Diamondbacks fans (including approximately 300 from Wickenburg) as the state’s Major League Baseball team hosts the Florida Marlins and focuses on Wickenburg throughout the night.

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