University of Arizona Senior Day (Thursday, Oct. 2, 1969)

Four seniors at Wickenburg High School learn about the Department of Physical Education during the University of Arizona’s annual Senior Day. From left to right are Rose Ann Kemmerer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kemmerer; Evelyn Daniel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Daniel; Joan Aufderheide, president of the UA Basketball Club; Pamela Thorne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Thorne; and Cindy Kenrick, daughter of Joseph Kenrick.

80 years ago

Steak fry held at Knight Ranch (Friday, Oct. 6, 1939)

Tuesday evening, members of the Wickenburg Rotary Club entertained Rotary-Anns with a picnic at the Vernon Knight ranch north of town.

Partaking of the Knights’ hospitality were Messrs. And Mesdames E.A. Stein, Joe Holmes, Marshall Bacon, John Perkins, Roy Richards, Howard Coffinger, Russell T. Johnson, David Jones, Gust Matson, Floyd Bralliar, Harold P. Sullivan, Walter Dumont, Lester Missall, Bill Oliver, Jean Salbert, H.F. Taft, Carol Wood, Mrs. Mabel Ott and Messers. H.K. McLennan, William Bass, Mike Echeverria and Bill Tipton.

70 years ago

Funeral held for two brothers (Friday, Sept. 30, 1949)

In simple but impressive rites at the Wickenburg Chapel last Monday morning, friends and relatives paid their final respects to two pioneer Arizonans and respected, honored residents of the Wickenburg area for many years - Edgar Charles and Myron F. Hill, brothers whose deaths occurred within 24 hours here last weekend.

Both, Edgar at age 71 and Myron at 65, had been in ill health for a number of years and both passed away at Community Hospital.

Both were born in Wisconsin and came to Arizona in 1885. They spent many years in mining in Northern Arizona. In the early 1940s, after leaving the mining business, Myron moved to Wickenburg, where he worked in the garage at Tegner and First streets that had been erected by Ed Hill. The garage was known for many years as Hill’s Garage.

Edgar was owner of several mines in the Mayer district, where he lived for many years, but he later served as a member of the Wickenburg Town Council from July 1, 1946 to July 1, 1948.

60 years ago

Booster club being formed (Friday, Oct. 2, 1959)

In order to draw bigger crowds and offer more support to local athletic events, a group of local citizens will meet at 8 tonight (Friday) in the American Legion Hall to organize a booster club.

Idea is for the club to meet weekly to rehash the previous week’s games and to make plans for boosting the coming games. Right now, full attention would be devoted to high school football.

Plans call for the club to sponsor rallies before games, help recruit greater attendance at games, and sponsor a banquet for the players at the end of the season.

50 years ago

Wittmann named for financier (Thursday, Oct. 2, 1969)

After a published story last week about the correct spelling for the area community Wittmann, reader Peggy Bratton provided more information about the source of the name.

Wittmann was named, she learned for “the man who financed the rebuilding of the Walnut Creek Dam, which had collapsed and caused a catastrophic flood in the local area on Feb. 22, 1890.

40 years ago

University will study Wickenburg tourism (Thursday, Oct. 4, 1979)

Western International University has been awarded a grant to study that would identify employment opportunities and training needs in tourism-related industries in the Wickenburg area.

The study will determine the feasibility of providing extension courses in travel, transportation, tourism and hospitality management in Wickenburg.

Funded by the Maricopa Employment and Training Administration, the study will provide 11 jobs to Wickenburg residents for a one-year period.

30 years ago

Community Hospital plans for growth (Thursday, Oct. 5, 1989)

Wickenburg Community Hospital may be small, but its directors hope it will expand to keep pace with a growing community.

Presently, the hospital employs 100 people, has 28 acute care beds available and currently has filled 45 out of 50 beds in the nursing home wing, Hospital Administrator Glenn Jones said.

The hospital, built on its present location on Rose Lane in 1955, is funded for its operational costs entirely through patient revenues, Jones said. However, a fund-raising effort will begin this month and continue through December to fund a five-year, $5 million proposal expansion project.

20 years ago

Town must deal with ‘interim traffic solution’ (Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1999)

The mood was somber at last week’s meeting of the Mayor’s Transportation Oversight Committee, was the reality of dealing with a viable interim traffic solution to the town’s increasing downtown traffic load was addressed by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

ADOT announced that it will be at least 10 years before construction begins on a permanent traffic bypass around the community.

Committee members said ADOT aired the possible cost of the first leg of a permanent bypass at $19 million, and the time frame to do it as at least 10 years - hence the urgency to find some viable alternative traffic solution in the interim.

10 years ago

Rancho de los Caballeros hosts Alice Cooper golf event

For the past 12 years, 1970s “shock rock” entertainer Alice Cooper has hosted a benefit pro-am golf tournament to help finance the construction of a new teen center in Phoenix.

And this year, he is bringing his popular tournament to Wickenburg.

Cooper, who lives in the Phoenix area, will host the 13th Annual Alice Cooper Pro-Am Golf Tournament on Saturday, Nov. 7 at the Rancho de los Caballeros Golf Club.

Pro golfers will join 144 amateurs to play 18 holes of golf in a package that includes breakfast, golf lessons, lunch, awards dinner and a special Alice Cooper concert that night at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts.

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