Electronic age comes to Town Hall (Thursday, Aug. 21, 1969)

Beginning with this week’s session, all proceedings of the Town Council from now on will be electronically recorded and taped, and the vote of councilmen on all motions will be flashed on a large bulletin board in plain view of everyone in council chambers - a bright yellow light for yes and a bright red light for no. Viewing the new board are (left to right) the board’s creator Retired Air Force General Maury Beach of Country Club Park, Town Secretary Stella Fritts, and Town Clerk Arthur Woelffer.

80 years ago

Anglers Buffet to be on Tegner Street (Friday, Aug. 25, 1939)

According to Bill Oliver, the Antlers Buffet that has been located on Railroad Street for a number of years will occupy the Hyder building across from Wood’s Pharmacy.

New bar fixtures have been ordered and will arrive here Sunday or Monday, according to Mr. Oliver, and they will be in their new location by Tuesday of this coming week.

70 years ago

E.A. Stein pleads for western town (Friday, Aug. 19, 1949)

As a result of a plea by E.A. Stein that Wickenburg go “all out” for Western clothing, storefronts and atmosphere in order to continue its reputation as a “friendly Western community,” Round-Up Club members Wednesday authorized the newly elected Board of Directors to push that project.

Mr. Stein urged especially the “Westernizing” of storefronts before “International Day” is celebrated here Oct. 19.

60 years ago

Giants considering Wickenburg (Friday, Aug. 21, 1959)

The San Francisco Giants are interested in Wickenburg as a possible site for their farm club spring training base.

According to Round-Up Club Wrangler Bill Weeks, Giant officials visited Wickenburg last week to look over the lay of the land.

All of the Giant farm clubs now train in Sanford, Fla., while the parent team trains in Phoenix.

50 years ago

Post office clerks make good sleuths (Thursday, Aug. 21, 1969)

Wickenburg Post Office personnel last week correctly delivered a letter addressed this way: “Saddle and Leather Store, first block, left-hand side of Congress Jct., hi-way going north, or any other leading saddle-leather store, Wickenburg, Ariz., 85358.”

The letter, of course, was for Ray Bybee’s Saddlery.

It was an order for a leather belt from a one-time customer.

40 years ago

Race set for Oct. 6 (Thursday, Aug. 23, 1979)

The second annual Hassayampa Valley 10,000 meter run has been scheduled for Oct. 6.

The race, sponsored by the Arizona Racing Association and the Wickenburg Roundup Club, was the highlight of last year’s Hassayampa Valley Fair, as 128 runners competed in the long-distance run (6.2 miles) starting near the Los Caballeros Country Club and ending at the Community Center.

Race organizer Ron Moore said he anticipates about 500 people will enter this year’s race, due to the face that runners enjoyed the scenic race so much last year.

30 years ago

Quayle here for second visit (Thursday, Aug. 24, 1989)

Vice President Dan Quayle, his wife Marilyn and the couple’s children Tucker, Benjamin and Corrine breezed into Wickenburg Monday for a private 11-day holiday.

Riding in a black limousine accompanied by a dozen escort vehicles, the vice president and his family made a vacation trip into the community for the second time since the January inauguration.

The vice president, brother of Wickenburg Sun publisher Michael Quayle, will again stay with his family at the Rancho de Los Caballeros home of their home of his parents, James and Corrine Quayle.

Another brother, former Sun editor Chris Quayle, also is a resident of Wickenburg.

20 years ago

$1.1 million donated (Wednesday, Aug. 25, 1999)

Thanks to a major donation, it will be called the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts.

The Del E. Webb Foundation, headquartered in Wickenburg, announced last week that it will contribute $1.1 million to the Wickenburg Foundation for the Performing Arts to help complete the 600-seat performing arts facility on the new campus of Wickenburg High School.

“It’s a wonder project, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it,” noted R.H. Johnson, president of the Del E. Webb Foundation and a resident of Wickenburg. “We have watched how the Wickenburg community has supported the fund-raising effort, and we’re happy to take a leadership role in that campaign.”

10 years ago

Small annexation project begins (Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009)

A proposal to annex approximately 300 acres into the Town of Wickenburg’s corporate limits was recently approved by the Wickenburg Town Council.

The proposed annexation is much smaller than two previous failed attempts at annexing thousands of acres, which increased the town boundaries.

Town staff is proposing to annex along U.S. Highway 93, and it will include both Maricopa and Yavapai counties. Town Planner Steve Boyle informed the council that the northern-most point of the annexation  extends to the beginning of Scenic Loop Road. He said that most of the annexation area is vacant and is largely zoned or being rezoned commercial.

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