State Class B Champions (Thursday, May 17, 1979)

Members of the Class B State Championship Wickenburg High School girls softball team includes (front row, left to right) Brenda Yates, Robin Roe, Lena Dean, Esther Quinones, Peggy Allen, Liz Castaneda, Cindy Garcia, (back row, left to right) Coach John Douthat, Gloria Quinones, Amy Kenrick, Gilli Goff, Bonnie Mason, Jolie Erichsen, Thelma Fitch, Bernadine Comner and Nicole Toole. They defeated Hayden 20-0 in the championship game after defeating Bagdad 21-6 in the quarterfinals and Camp Verde 12-2 in the semifinals. In track, Wickenburg’s girls also won the Class B Championship, while Bill Root won the state 440-yard dash in the boys track meet.

Excerpts taken from past issues of The Wickenburg Sun

80 years ago

27 graduate from grammar school (Friday, May 19, 1939)

Twenty-seven pupils of the Wickenburg elementary school were graduated at the commencement exercises held at the high school auditorium last night.

Members of the graduating class were: Kenneth Bartee, William Henry Schmidt, Domingo Echeverria, Albert Poquette, Coney Orosco, William Paul Haynes, Nicholas S. Oberan, William G. Hartman, Pat Gonzales, Roezella Zabel, Irene Olive Maxwell, Louise Gobble, Anna Pauline Contreras, Clara Laskowsky, Norman Lee Westall, Vivian Marie Overlan, Jane Hannon, Don Howe, Elwood Keeran, Jimmy Seller, Adolph Grejalva Garcia, Miles Travis Preston, Beryle Haynes, James LeRoy Deck, Oscar Hall Bolt, Jr., Pete Bodiroga and Foster McAllister Gunnison.

70 years ago

‘Mystery Metal’ strike throws Bouse into dither (Friday, May 13, 1949)

Bouse, Northern Yuma County town already excited over the launching of a vast irrigation project a few miles to the south, had cause for excitement of another kind this week.

Two miles northwest, towards Parker, a well-driller appears to have struck an underground deposit of sands bearing sizeable amounts of metallic copper, which is copper in its purest form. As a result, placer mine claims are being staked out everywhere in the vicinity and the fever is spreading.

Sydney Smith, who recently acquired a section of land along the highway to Parker, started drilling a well this week. According to reports, the well was down 17 feet when Smith detected what he thought was the glint of gold in the balling from the well. As the bit dug deeper, the gold-colored flecks increased.

60 years ago

U.S. bureaucrats blackmail Arizona (Friday, May 15, 1959)

Is the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads trying to blackmail the Arizona State Highway Commission to force it to designate and approve the Phoenix-Brenda cutoff as the interstate highway?

Did the State Highway Commission once make a deal with the Bureau of Public Roads that if the latter would approve a federal-aid primary highway through Buckeye that the Commission would approve bypassing Wittmann, Morristown, Wickenburg, Aguila, Wenden and Salome?

Will the fact that the federal government would put up 90-odd percent of the money for a cutoff mean that the State Highway Commission will bow to the wishes of the Bureau of Public Roads?

What secret deals, if any, have been made between individuals and/or state and federal agencies?

These and other questions are now being kicked around as State Representative L.B. Bramkamp and Roy Coxwell, chairman of a new steering committee appointed by representatives of Wickenburg, Glendale, Peoria and El Mirage, started calling a spade a spade.

50 years ago

Brenda work delayed (Thursday, May 15, 1969)

The Westside’s favorite patient, the Brenda Cutoff, took a turn for the worse this week.

Work on that section of Interstate 10 that will pass through the west side and cuts much time off the drive to California, could be delayed until the Central Arizona Project is constructed. And that could be many years away, State Engineer William N. Price said.

The problem lies with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Interior. Those two Washington bureaus will have to resolve their differences before the Arizona Highway Department can go ahead with the work on the stretch between Hope and Tonopah.

The cutoff bypasses Wickenburg and goes directly from Phoenix to Brenda, 35 miles east of the California-Arizona border.

40 years ago

Insurance man Ben Pollman dies (Thursday, May 17, 1979)

Funeral services for Ben Pollman, 64, long-time Wickenburg resident and businessman, were Tuesday morning this week in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

Mr. Pollman died Saturday at his home here following a serious illness of several months.

He came here in 1941 from Meridian, Miss., his birthplace, and had operated his own insurance agency here for the past 32 years.

Earlier, he had been personnel manager and later base manager of the Echeverria Field, now known as the Forepaugh Airport.

30 years ago

Main street named ‘Wickenburg Way’ (Thursday, May 18, 1989)

No more U.S. Highway 60, Phoenix Highway, Center Street, Whipple Street, West Whipple Street or California Highway.

The Town Council Monday made a tentative decision to rename the entire east-west route through Wickenburg that has gone by at least the above six names (and some others) to Wickenburg Way.

The name Wickenburg Way was suggested by local businessman Lon McDermott and was approved by the council as part of a laborious process, in which it approved 16 of 17 of the town’s revised addressing system.

Wickenburg Way will run from the eastern town limits - near the AmericInn Motel - to its west boundary near the new industrial park by the municipal airport.

20 years ago

Bypass survey: SW and close (Wednesday, May 19, 1999)

An updated survey by an ADOT consultant publicized this week says that both residents and businesses of Wickenburg prefer a southwest traffic bypass route over a northeast corridor route.

But that same survey also indicates as far as a general location goes, the majority of the community’s businesses favor a “close-in” bypass corridor - by a 62-34 percent margin.

The town’s residents are almost split down the middle on this, 48 percent favoring a “close-in” location while 47 percent favor a “far out” location.

So, according to the ADOT-commissioned survey, it appears that a southwest bypass located close to town is, at present, the community preference.

10 years ago

Kenrick to be inducted into BB Hall of Fame (Wednesday, May 13, 2009)

Joe Kenrick, who spent more than 40 years of coaching and counseling at Wickenburg High School, will be inducted into the Arizona Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame next month.

Kenrick, who came to Wickenburg in 1959 and coached Wrangler baseball teams to state championships in 1970 and 1980 as part of his 300-plus victories, will be inducted prior to the 3A All-star Baseball Game on Saturday, June 6 at the Surprise Baseball Stadium.

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