Super salesmen (Thurs, May 1, 1969)

That’s what Kirk Barnes (left) and Steve Dickinson proved to be when Boy Scout Troop 299 set out to sell tickets to the Scoutarama to be held May 10 in the Coliseum in Phoenix. The two 11-year-old lads each sold 50 tickets at $1 per ticket, more than all the rest of the troop put together and a record equaled by only one other Boy Scout in the entire Roosevelt Scout Council, which includes Phoenix troops.

Excerpts taken from past issues of The Wickenburg Sun

80 years ago

Aged Arizona pioneer dies (Friday, May 5, 1939)

Word of the death last week in Glendale, Calif., of Rebecca J. Peeples, 90, was received this week.

Mrs. Peeples was the wife of the late A.H. Peeples, for whom Peeples Valley near Prescott was named. The Peeples family was among the first to establish its home in that valley.

She was the daughter of the late Jerry Cavaness, a pioneer resident of Prescott, Wickenburg and Phoenix, and the sister of the late Matt Cavaness, who also was widely known in the state.

Surviving is a brother, Silas Cavaness, and a sister Tina Morrell.

70 years ago

Post office likely to be on First Street (Friday, April 29, 1949)

Evidence seemed to be accumulating this week that Wickenburg’s new post office will be located on First Street just about across from City Hall and in a new building to be erected for the sole occupancy of the post office by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson of Johnson’s Department store.

The Johnsons told The Sun that their proposal called for a building of approximately 2,000 square feet to be erected on the east end of their property. There will be a 20-foot alley between the building and the Frank Tarbutton property line. The old adobe building now standing there would be removed.

60 years ago

Saturday Evening Post buys most of Stanton (Friday, May 1, 1959)

Part of the ghost town of Stanton, approximately 10 miles northeast of Congress Junction, has been purchased by the Saturday Evening Post, which has announced it will restore the buildings and use the site to tie in with publicity promotions of the magazine.

The seller is Miss Maurine Sanborn, who has lived in Stanton since 1934 with her uncle George Upton, who moved to Stanton in 1895 and helped build many of the houses there.

Purchased by the magazine were 10 acres on which are located the old 11-room hotel, mercantile store, post office, saloon and old red house.

Miss Sanborn and Mr. Upton retain 700 acres of their holdings, including their home, several guest houses and other buildings.

Stanton, founded in the days when gold was discovered at Rich Hill in 1863, was purchased by Miss Sanborn and Mr. Upton from the Leonard White estate 16 years ago.

The town was originally called Antelope Station. Once the town, which drew its name from Charles Stanton, had a population of 2,000 persons.

50 years ago

Dedication of Airpark plus fly-in Saturday and Sunday (Thursday, May 1, 1969)

Wickenburg’s new municipal airport 2.5 miles west of town off the California Highway will be dedicated Saturday, with Mayor Sam Hammerstrom delivering the dedicatory address.

The dedication of the Airpark, officially known as “Wellik Field” after the donors of the land, will be in connection with a two-day fly-in that is expected to see between 100 and 200 private planes landing at the new hard-surfaced strip.

40 years ago

Congress Days growing (Thursday, May 3, 1979)

A crowd that covered a half section and a parade that stretched a mile long brought lots of activity to Congress last weekend for the fourth annual Old Congress Days.

At the demolition derby Sunday afternoon, Bagdad miner Bob Walker won the first heat; Bob Bernhardt won the second; and Craig Leach defeated losers of the first two heats.

Bernhardt came back to demolish the other winners, and Dave Jones defeated all who were left.

30 years ago

Wayas honored with scouting’s highest rank (Thursday, May 4, 1989)

Aaron Wayas, the son of Richard and Toni Wayas, received scouting’s highest rank - Eagle - in a ceremony attended by friends and relatives on Sunday, April 24.

Wayas’ receipt of the Eagle Scout award marked the completion of four years of work to achieve the rank.

Wayas also was recognized for receiving scouting’s highest award, the Honor Medal. The received the medal for saving the life of his brother Rustin at great risk to his own life. The medal was presented to him while his family was living in Alaska, and Aaron was the first scout to have ever received such a medal in the history of scouting in that state.

20 years ago

‘Henrys’ get OK from Town Council (Wednesday, May 5, 1999)

The “Henrys” got the OK from the Wickenburg Town Council Monday night.

It was the second time around for the council to consider the “Town of Wickenburg Henry Awards” program, which was first proposed at the council’s April 19 meeting. At that time, the council voted 3-3 on a motion to approve the award, and it failed for lack of a majority vote.

Vice Mayor Larry “Roach” Roberts was absent from that meeting, but at Monday’s council meeting he first initiated a motion to reconsider the “Henry” and program that the council approved; then later he was one of five council members who voted to spend up to $6,000 for the bronze casting of a miniature version of the statue of the town founder located outside Town Hall.

10 years ago

Apache longhorns visit Wickenburg (Wednesday, April 29, 2009)

A contingent of the Singapore Air Force, temporarily based out of the Silverbell Army Heliport at the Pinal Airpark in Marana, Az., has been training ground crew and pilots. Six AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters flew into Wickenburg after a training flight for refueling - for both gas and food. The group dined at the Sizzling Wok. Town residents drove out to the airport with small children so they could see the helicopters and take photos. The ground crew was very accomodating and allowed the kids to get up close.

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