She flies and drives with greatest of ease (March 31, 1950)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanlis were the first to place an order for a new Buick after Gus Retzlaff took over the Buick agency from Dan Toomey and rechristened it Wickenburg Motors. After City Attorney Stanlis placed the order, Mrs. Stanlis hopped a plane, flew to Flint, Mich., and drove in Tuesday with the new car. It was a rough battle, she says, what with the weather acting up all over the place from there to here. But it must have been worth the effort, judging from the smiles of Mrs. S. (left), hubby Frank, center, and smiling Gus, with the big hat.

80 years ago

Beaux and belles to be selected (March 29, 1940)

In connection with the “Bubbling Over” play, which is being sponsored by the local Legion Auxiliary, there also is a popularity contest.

Each contestant is younger than 9 years of age and is sponsored by the local business firm.

One cent a vote, and who will be the two most popular children in Wickenburg?

Contestants and sponsors are as follows:

Bill Watson, Safeway; Richard Eimicke Jr., Toasty Shop; John Mayfield, Antlers Caf/; Betty Lou Shride, Dow Barber Shop; Johnnie Savage, Bryants Variety Store; Gene Craig, Jones Drug; June Hannon, Neil’s Malt Shop; Buckie Walters, Pollyant Caf/; Donald Morgan, Pearl’s Caf/; Dolores Dozier, Dewell’s Market; Jimmie Harris, Purdy’s Buffet; Mickey Bacon, Moffett Bakery; Carolyn Nona Kirk, Ginger’s Beauty Shop; Rudy Echeverria, Brayton Commercial Co.; Jerry Perkins, Woods Pharmacy; Dickie Fugatt, Oliver’s Buffet; Craig Vail, Al’s Caf/; and Judy Farrow, Jean’s Corral.

70 years ago

Plan Proposed To Keep Up Publicity (Friday, March 24, 1950)

A plan to assure the continuation of the Wickenburg News Bureau was presented to a group of representative citizens Wednesday night at a meeting in the high school, presided over by E. A. Stein, Chairman of the committee formed the first of the year to supervise the work of the Bureau. Those present at this meeting were in agreement that the Bureau has been responsible for a great amount of favorable publicity for Wickenburg and that it should be continued on the expanded basis.

60 years ago

Villa Serena is new subdivision being developed (Friday, March 25, 1960)

Villa Serena Addition is Wickenburg’s newest subdivision.

Town Council approved the subdivision Monday night as it was presented by Luke White on behalf of White Land and Investment Co.

Villa Serena consists of 14 lots, most of them 100 feet in width, on the south side of Rose Lane between the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Luke White and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fletcher. The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob White is located on Lot 10 of the new subdivision.

This area, taken into the town limits last month in the annexation, already has town water and sewer facilities and also natural gas facilities from lines serving Community Hospital.

50 years ago

40 years a teacher, Mrs. Mary Jones retires (Thursday, March 26, 1970)

With the end of this school year, Mrs. Mary Jones - teacher in the Elementary Schools since 1942, will retire from active classroom instruction here.

She has taught second through eighth grades during her teaching career.

The mothers and fathers of many of her present students are her former pupils.

A graduate of Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Jones taught in the Cleveland public schools before coming to Arizona.

40 years ago

New FM radio station to operate in Wickenburg (Thursday, March 27, 1980)

Application for a license to construct an FM radio station in Wickenburg will soon be filed with the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C.

R.A. “Pete” Peterson, former manager of Station KSWW and presently employed in real estate sales, and Stan Watson, president of Wickenburg Insurance Agency, Inc., announced this week plans to seek the required permits.

Doing business as Hassayampa Broadcast, Peterson and Watson will establish a 3,000-watt station at 105.5 on the FM dial.

30 years ago

Lady Wranglers win trophy (Thursday, March 19, 1990)

The Wickenburg High School girls’ track team is ecstatic about winning its first trophy in “at least five years,” Coach Doug Clementz said earlier this week.

After placing third in a meet the previous Wednesday, the Wickenburg girls finished second to Buckeye in the Wickenburg Wrangler Invitational last Friday.

20 years ago

Town gets new dentist, with ‘Montana connection’ (Wednesday, March 22, 2000)

Wickenburg has a fourth dentist in town, Dr. Troy C. Jones, a man with a “Montana connection.”

Jones moved to Wickenburg earlier this year from Livingston, located in the south-central area of the Big Sky country, with his family of four. He opened Wickenburg Dental Associates in February at 159 W. Wickenburg Way in Dr. Rick Fields’ former office.

Jones bring 13 years of experience in the dentistry field from Montana to his new local practice. He originally came to Wickenburg to visit his friend, local dentist David Uthoff, with whom he worked in Bozeman, Mont., for several years.

10 years ago

Police hope to expand Citizens on Patrol (Wednesday,  March 24, 2010)

Wickenburg’s police department hopes to certify a number of new Citizens on Patrol recruits this year, citing the program’s valuable nature to the department and to the community.

Taking on a variety of duties that eases the town’s budget, the program has reached a point where it needs to expand and bring additional volunteers on board.

“The Citizens on Patrol volunteer group was created for two main reasons, which were to involve those who have a desire to assist the police and to supplement the officers by allowing them to cover larger areas,” said Commander Gary Newton.

“We encourage anyone who has a desire or interest in the function of the Citizens on Patrol to join them as they move forward in giving back to the community and being part of the group’s success,” Newton said. “Anyone interested in volunteering may either come by or call the police department at 928-684-5411.”

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