Serving 16 Texaco stations (Friday, July 3, 1959)

Texaco, Inc., is well represented in the Wickenburg area by these two gentlemen - salesman Robert Worthen (left) and consignee Hal Warner. They serve 16 Texaco service stations from Yarnell to Salome, operating out of the bulk plant at the south end of Frontier Street.

80 years ago

Buildings nearing completion here (Friday, July 7, 1939)

The Salabert building to be occupied by Jean’s Caf/ and Bar to be known as Jean’s Corral, is rapidly approaching completion and will be one of the more attractive and modern buildings in town.

“Jean’s Corral” is painted on the front of the building with a clever picture of a cow-waddy on a bronco. Tourists pause in front of the building to take pictures of it.

Another building soon to be occupied is the Bryant building. It will be occupied by the Bryants Variety Store, which is now located on Railroad Street and owned by Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Bryant.

70 years ago

New post office leased signed (Friday, July 1, 1949)

Construction of a new building to house the Wickenburg post office will probably get under way next week, it was announced this week by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson of Johnson’s Department Store.

The building will be on First Street, South, facing but a little beyond the City Hall and Fire Station. The new building also will occupy some of the ground that belongs to the Johnsons and which has been kept open by them as an entrance-way to the vacant lot adjoining the Safeway store.

The lease calls for the new post office building to be ready for occupancy by Sept. 1.

60 years ago

Warner increases Texaco from 3 to 16 stations (Friday, July 3, 1959)

Hal Warner is Mr. Texaco, Mr. Firestone and Mr. Philco in Wickenburg’s business circles.

He became consignee for Texaco, Inc., in 1939 when only three service stations in Wickenburg and one in Salome dispensed gasoline and other products of that company.

Today, he is serving 16 stations - five in Wickenburg, one in Salome, one in Wenden, three in Aguila, one in Morristown, one in Wittmann, two in Congress and two in Yarnell.

Services stations these days do more than pump gasoline, change oil, fill radiators with water and wash windshields. That’s why Mr. Warner became distributor for the Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. and the Philco Co. about 10 years ago. He sells his stations - and other ones, too - flashlight batteries, metal stepladders, tires, batteries, seat covers, spark plugs, thermos jugs, garden hoses, whisk brooms, flashlights, waste baskets, radios and television sets.

50 years ago

Wellik plans subdivision (Thursday, July 3, 1969)

At a special meeting called for 5 p.m. last Wednesday, Town Council gave Town Manager Delbert Kirby permission to coordinate efforts of George Wellik to create a new subdivision west of town with a new improvement district.

Councilmen were told that Mr. Wellik has purchased the home and acreage of 6.7 acres from Mrs. Lucy Bange on Aircleta Drive that he proposes to develop into the subdivision.

40 years ago

Energy Department testing near Congress (Thursday, July 5, 1979)

Travelers between Wickenburg and Congress began seeing the strange lights Thursday night.

Hovering over the desert floor, there was an eerie spectacle in the warm, clear night. It sounded like a UFO sighting … but it wasn’t.

Daylight revealed the lights were part of a drilling rig, similar to the type used for oil exploration. That generated rumors that the drill was being used to tap a possible oil pool beneath the Wickenburg desert. But it wasn’t.

Geologists at the site Monday said they are drilling a uranium test hole - checking to see if uranium deposits exist at the site, located about two mile south of Congress.

30 years ago

Wickenburg BCI team in tourney (Thursday, July 6, 1989)

A 10-member Wickenburg team participated in the recent National Basketball Congress International (BCI) Tournament in Lubbock, Texas.

The team, coached by Julian Orona of Wickenburg and former Vulture Peak School principal Gary Loutzenheiser, opened play Saturday, July 1 and concluded its four-day stint on Tuesday, July 4.

The team included seven Wickenburg youths and three from other areas. The seven local players were Josh McDonald, David Loutzenheiser, Adrian Orona, Adam Martin, Shane Hancock, Travis Hearn and Gene James.

20 years ago

Town’s first department marks 100 years (Wednesday, July 7, 1999)

For a full century, the Wickenburg Volunteer Fire Department has been putting out fires for residents of Wickenburg.

Joe T. “Bucky” Walters, Wickenburg’s fire chief for 25 of those years, explains that the fire department has changed over the years but stays true to its original principles of firefighting - doing its best to save homes and businesses in the community from the ravages of fire.

The department currently has 25 volunteer firefighters. The department currently has five vehicles: a brush truck, fast-attack truck, hose cart, pumper, and a fire prevention vehicle.

10 years ago

North roundabout to be partially opened (Wednesday, July 1, 2009)

As local residents and drivethroughs are still becoming accustomed to the partial opening of the south roundabout on the new downtown Wickenburg highway bypass, another section of the new highway will be temporarily opened in a couple weeks.

When the the north roundabout opens, northbound traffic on North Tegner Street will be shifted to the right and will proceed through the roundabout to continue north on Highway 93 toward Rincon Road.

Southbound traffic will remain on the existing roadway and will not be routed through the roundabout at this time.

The north roundabout detour is required to complete work that will be in North Tegner Street to the new bypass roadway.

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