Airman of the Year (Thursday, Feb. 22, 1968)MSgt. John H. Sumner, 37, of Wickenburg is the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing’s Outstanding Airman of the Year. He will represent Bien Hoa Air Force Base and compete against other nominees from seven Air Force bases for the command’s Outstanding Airman of the Year award. He holds a little Vietnamese boy from the Bien Hoa Orphanage, which Sumner’s unit supports. They make weekly trips there with supplies and visit with the children.

80 years ago

Spirit of Old West portrayed by Elwell in theater front (Friday, Feb. 25, 1938)

Bringing back to life two of the more important phases of Wickenburg’s historic background, R. Farrington Elwell, famous western artist who is wintering here, has won considerable acclaim locally for the design of the new front on the Out Wickenburg Way theater, which has recently been completed and which is a product of his genius.

Depicting the cattle industry on the one hand and the mining industry on the other, two large panels with silhouette figures immediately in front form two wings for the newly installed marquee that — when back-lighted at night - present a sight that actually conveys the feeling of the screen portrayed and reveals the genuine ability of a truly great artist.

70 years ago

Work at Sols Wash to start soon (Friday, Feb. 20, 1948)

Actual construction work on a foot bridge for pedestrians across Sols Wash should get under way within two weeks.

The plans had been drawn for the six-foot aluminum bridge that will hand on the side of the existing highway bridge.

60 years ago

Hospital getting out of hole? Brown optimistic (Friday, Feb. 21, 1958)

Wickenburg-s 35-bed Community Hospital averaged 15 patients per day in January, which was 44 percent occupancy.

Sabin Brown, president of the hospital association, told the other 13 board members present that a continuing reduction in the overhead at the hospital would seem to indicate that it is approaching the ‘break-even” point.

50 years ago

Reception in May to honor Mr. MacLennan (Thursday, Feb. 22, 1968)

Superintendent of Schools H.K. MacLennan, who is retiring this spring after 40 years of service in that capacity, will be honored at a reception Sunday, May 5 at the MacLennan School Auditorium.

A “Committee on Invitations” has been named, headed by Principal John Wright of the Elementary Schools.

40 years ago

Goldwater drops in for relaxed lunch (Thursday, Feb. 23, 1978)

One of the nice things about living in Arizona is you can write to folks “back home” and say you shook hands with Senator Barry Goldwater.

It’s an experience that can happen to anyone who watches for the opportunity, and it leaves the feeling that Barry was just as interested in shaking hands with you as you were with him.

He came to Wickenburg last week for an informal lunch and quiet visit with anyone here willing to stroll by the Community Center about noon.

30 years ago

Museum park draws praise (Thursday, Feb. 25, 1988)

The site plan for a downtown park that Chairman Bill Zeller said goes “beyond the call of ordinance” was approved last Thursday by the Planning and Zoning Advisory Commission.

Zeller’s remarks were part of a letter he said he will send to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, complimenting the museum on its plans for the park at the corner of Tegner and Center streets.

Planning Director Jerry Stricklin said he “found it incredible to have a (downtown) corner on a 100 percent intersection devoted to a park.

“Wickenburg is very fortunate,” he added. “Hopefully, this park will spark some new interest in a downtown revitalization plan.”

20 years ago

EDAC still afloat after delay by council (Wednesday, Feb. 25, 1998)

Wickenburg’s Economic Development Advisory Commission is still alive, but barely.

The second reading of an ordinance at last Tuesday’s Town Council meeting that would have abolished the commission if approved was delayed by a 5-2 vote, with Councilman Danny Conly leading the move to suspend action on dissolving EDAC.

“I would like to see this issue given a little more time before we decide to end this commission,” said Conly, who made the motion to table action on the ordinance. Conly is a member of EDAC, which has not met since the council began moving toward dissolving it in January.

10 years ago

Vintage ambulance joins Life Line (Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008)

Life Line Ambulance, one of the most technically advanced private ambulance companies in Arizona, has recently gone “old school”: the company purchased a fully operational 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood ambulance, complete with rotary siren, “missile” lights and bright-red paint job.

It made its debut recently in Wickenburg for the Gold Rush Days parade, and the company will drive the vintage ambulance in parades and display in classic car shows.

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