Operating Ward’s Laundry (Friday, June 5, 1959)

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ward operate Ward’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning on Frontier Street in the same location they acquired in 1938. Byron Ward had intended to move his dry cleaning business from Ozark, Ala., to California - but on the drive west, he stopped overnight in Wickenburg. The next morning he had breakfast at Pearl’s Caf/ and sooner or later the talk got around to dry cleaning. Wickenburg, he was told, needed such a business. Within a matter of a few days, Mr. Ward had rented from J.C. Reed the building next door to Valley National Bank and had ordered a complete cleaning establishment shipped here. He was in business.

80 years ago

Information not available

70 years ago

Wickenburg Country Club and golf course ‘in the bag’ (Friday, June 3, 1949)

Wickenburg will have a country club with a nine-hole golf course, to be located on land donated by Triangle W Ranch west of town.

That was the good news announced Wednesday night, just two hours before the deadline established by the club backers to raise the $50,000 in cash required to launch the project.

Had Don Kerr, Lisle Keys, Bob White and other hard-working enthusiasts fallen down on the job of raising $50,000 through the sale of $300 shares by midnight Wednesday, the entire proposition would have failed and the money collected returned to those who bought shares.

60 years ago

New Episcopal Church will be modeled in Old English style (Friday, June 5, 1959)

Wickenburg’s new Episcopalian congregation had plans to start this week excavating for the building of a new church.

The church, to be in the form of a cross, is modeled after a church in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., which in turn is modeled after a chapel in England. Max Hair of Wickenburg and Provo, Utah, drew the plans, and Arizona Builders will be the contractor.

The building will be on the rear of the lot that is directly west of the Safeway store and across the street from the Baptist Church.

It is expected that the building will be completed in 8 to 10 weeks after the excavation work is done.

50 years ago

Disappointed school officials will submit bond issue again (Thursday, June 5, 1969)

A total of 519 real property owners of the Wickenburg school district cast ballots in the May 27 special election, rejecting the two propositions involving a new elementary school plant by a 3-to-2 ratio.

They voted 309-206 against issuing $598,000 in bonds to build the proposed plant and 303-213 against accepting a 38-acre piece of ground west of town for the plant that was offered free by Mr. and Mrs. George Wellik.

The vote was undoubtedly the largest ever cast in any election involving the local schools. In contrast, the $315,000 bond issued used to erect the modernistic round-walled and roofed gymnasium complex at the high school drew only 394 votes in May of 1963. The vote then was 217-176 in favor of the bonds.

40 years ago

Adolph Garcia retires after 22 years with APS (Thursday, June 7, 1979)

A serious dark-skinned man driving a yellow pickup truck, which its driver says knows the roads around Wickenburg well enough to find its own way, won’t be coming around to read your electric meter anymore.

Adolph Garcia has retired.

After 22 years with Arizona Public Service, he’s decided he wants to slow down and do some other work for a while. The 55-year-old Wickenburg native can look back on changes in APS and changes in Wickenburg with quiet pride in the role he and his family have played.

His grandfather, Y.L. Garcia, who came here about 1900, donated the land on which Garcia School was established at Tegner and Yavapai streets. His father Randolph was a rancher here.

30 years ago

Council ponders Whipple (Thursday, June 8, 1989)

Requests from a number of Wickenburg residents to name the town’s east-west route Whipple Street prompted the Town Council Monday to defer action on the street renaming until the next meeting.

The action came on the first item of business before the council, renaming various streets in the community, and was in regard to the council’s previous “tentative” decision to rename the thoroughfare Wickenburg Way.

But after being read a letter by one resident and receiving input from several more than Whipple Street - one of at least a half dozen designations now given the east-west route - had historical significance, in that it was given to the route in honor of two young men by that name who had died in combat in World War II, the council decided to defer formal action to its next meeting.

Wickenburg Way was suggested to the council at its May 15 meeting by local businessman Lon McDermott. At present, the east-west route through Wickenburg is known variously as U.S. Highway 60, Phoenix Highway, Whipple Street, Center Street, West Whipple Street and the California Highway.

20 years ago

Kosovars arrive; in care of Qorri family (Wednesday, June 9, 1999)

With the news that 18 Kosovar Albanians have arrived in town, Kosovo has literally come to Wickenburg.

The Kosovars, from four families of refugees from that war-torn nation in the Balkans, began arriving in Phoenix two weeks ago and are now temporarily living in relative Dave Qorri’s Wickenburg home.

The Kosovars - including six of Qorri’s relatives expected to arrive soon - are part of the 20,000 refugees the United States government has said it will accept, providing they have family here.

10 years ago

Blakeley to head Wellik Foundation (Wednesday, June 3, 2009)

Longtime Wickenburg resident Richard Blakeley was recently elected president of the Board of Directors for the Wellik Foundation, a supporting organization of the Arizona Community Foundation. The Wellik Foundation was established by the late Viola Wellik in 1998 to benefit the residents of Wickenburg and surrounding area.

Blakeley brings a wealthof advisory experience to this position, having served on the hospital board and the R.H. Johnson Foundation board, and for 14 years on the Wickenburg school board.

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