Wickenburg High School “Staters” (Thursday, April 3, 1969)

Wickenburg High School has selected these four students to attend the “States” programs this spring. Mike Harrington (far left) and John Wright will attend Boys State at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, while Cynthia Kenrick (center, left) and Pamela Thorne will attend Girls State at the University of Arizona in Tucson. All four are juniors.

Excerpts taken from past issues of The Wickenburg Sun

80 years ago

Wickenburg gets new post office (Friday, April 7, 1939)

A concrete building nearing completion on the corner of Center and Valentine streets will be Wickenburg’s new post office location, according to Postmaster Burt Fox.

A long-time lease has been obtained from the owner, Everett W. Coxwell, and the building will be ready for occupancy not later than April 15.

The present post office on Railroad street, across from the Santa Fe depot and in use since 1918, has proven inadequate in size. It has room for only 600 rental mail boxes, whereas the new building will have 1,100 boxes available for rental.

70 years ago

Building firm is developing major operations plant (Friday, April 1. 1949)

Building of the Wickenburg Construction and Sales company’s construction plant on an acre of ground near the junction of Sols Wash and the Hassayampa River is going ahead rapidly.

Early this week, the scene was one of much activity and before long this newest addition to the commercial life of the city should be in full operation.

60 years ago

Paul Swaney sells Greyhound Agency, Round-Up Caf/ (Friday, April 3, 1959)

Mrs. Winnie Graves of Coolidge has purchased the Round-Up Caf/ and Pacific Greyhound Agency at the corner of Center and Tegner streets from Paul R. Swaney and will take possession April 17.

Mrs. Graves has named her sister, Mrs. Palas Wylie of Wickenburg, to act as manager and Greyhound agent. Mrs. Wylie has been employed in the caf/ and depot since June of 1953.

Mr. Swaney has operated the caf/ and depot since May of 1956, when he purchased it from Wayne Brunsen.

50 years ago

Motel men asked for aid in road signs (Thursday, April 3, 1969)

At a cost of $475.18, the sign doing a good job of advertising Wickenburg was moved to a new location to make way for the new road now under construction from Congress to the foot of Yarnell Hill.

The new location is at the junction of Highway 89 and the Date Creek Road and is clearly visible to motorists coming down off Yarnell Hill and directs them to keep on 89 to Wickenburg rather than taking 71 to Aguila and on west to California.

William Price, president of the Wickenburg Motel Association, said the six members of the association had maintained and the paid for the relocation of the sign that benefits the 20 motels and other businesses in Wickenburg. He said he would like to see more businesses contribute to the location of a similar sign at New River on the Black Canyon Highway to direct westbound traffic to Wickenburg over Bell Road.

40 years ago

Los Cab Golf Club to begin (Thursday, April 5, 1979)

The new Los Caballeros Golf Club has secured enough members to ensure completion of the project, and construction will begin April 15.

Jeff Hardin and Greg Nash, who designed the course and will supervise construction, met with the committee Monday this week and reconfirmed their commitment that the first nine holes will be ready for play in January.

Detailed plans for the clubhouse are now being drawn u, and construction of that phase of the project is scheduled to begin this summer.

30 years ago

$5 million, five-year hospital expansion announced (Thursday, April 6, 1989)

Lea Way, president of the Community Hospital Board of Directors, announced this week the approval by the hospital’s governing board of a five-year, $5 million multi-phased modernization and expansion program at the hospital.

“The program is designed to preserve the existing hospital structure as much as possible, expand outpatient services to accommodate the dramatic increase of more than 85 percent in outpatient visits over the last five years,” said Way. “The development program also will include enhancement of emergency, radiology, laboratory, cardio-pulmonary and physical therapy services.

“When the hospital was built 32 years ago, there was no anticipation of these kinds of services being in such demand,” she added.

20 years ago

New pool priorities considered (Wednesday, April 7, 1999)

Priorities, alternatives and options were buzz words during discussion of a new swimming pool and master plan at Coffinger Park during Monday’s meeting of the Wickenburg Town Council.

The council engaged in lots of discussion in considering the $3.2 million tab for the master plan of a revamped downtown park, almost $2 million of which would be for a new swimming pool.

The swimming pool at Coffinger Park is more than 40 years old.

10 years ago

Fitting tribute to Walters (Wednesday, April 1, 2009)

Joe T. “Bucky” Walters was laid to rest Thursday (March 26) at the Wickenburg Cemetery. Firefighters and their rigs came from around the the region to pay tribute to Walters, who provided 40 years of service as a Wickenburg volunteer fireman, with 25 of those years as chief of the local department.

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