Education group formed (Thursday, June 29, 1989)

Local representatives of Arizona Citizens for Education (ACE) conduct a Monday morning meet and plan to operate a booth at Wickenburg’s Fourth of July celebration. The representatives are (left to right) Vangie Zelman-Fahm, Rosemary Peterson, Julie Brooks, Debbie Crooks and Carol Terence. (See story in ’30 years ago’ below).

80 years ago

New high school building nears completion (Friday, June 30, 1939)

The new Wickenburg High School building is nearing completion.

The work is being carried on by the Works Progress Administration in accordance with plans and specifications that are supplied by architectural engineers Lescher and Mahoney.

The basement contains three large rooms of reinforced concrete construction. The upper floors are of adobe and reinforced concrete construction. Concrete walks are being laid around the building, connecting it with the old building. Between the buildings is a patio with wide concrete walks containing a colored wagon wheel decoration in the center.

The science and commercial departments will occupy two rooms, and the third room will be used as a library and study hall.

The new improvement, along with previous improvements, gives Wickenburg High School one of the outstanding school plants among the smaller high schools of Arizona.

70 years ago

‘Navajo Hogan’ to house Stafford’s new Indian Store (Friday, June 24, 1949)

C.H. Stafford of the Many Feathers Indian Store on the California Highway west of town announced Wednesday that he has awarded a contract to the Wickenburg Construction & Sales Company for the erection of a “Navajo Hogan” on the vacant lot adjoining the Frontier Inn east of the river.

Upon completion of the Hogan in about 40 days, Mr. and Mrs. Stafford will open it as the Many Feathers Hogan and will carry a complete line of Indian merchandise. They will operate it in connection with the store in Miracle Mile.

The new building will be an exact duplicate of the hundreds of hogans seen on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona.

60 years ago

Local manganese will soon go to Wenden stockpile (Friday, June 26, 1959)

Effective last Monday morning, no more manganese was being shipped to the government’s stockpile near Fort Worth, Texas. Instead, the ore was being held here pending arrangements by the government to award a contract for hauling it to Wenden, where there is a stockpile that has been inactive for the past several years.

The government’s plan is for Mohave Mining and Milling Co., to stockpile all ore from California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho and Arizona at the Wenden facility.

50 years ago

City sales tax fills treasury (Thursday, June 26, 1969)

Town Council’s “Little Vulture” - the city sales tax - is piling up the gold in the town’s treasury.

Last month, the town collected $8,121 from retail merchants who in turn collected it from their customers during the month of April. The tax went into effect Jan. 1, and collections have increased steadily every month since.

For the first four months of the year - and the first four months in which the city sales tax of 1 percent on retail sales has been in effect, collections have added up to nearly $30,000.

Although hardly anyone expects sales taxes collected during the deep summer months to continue at the winter-time level, it begins to appear that the town may derive easily more than $70,000 in revenue from that source during the calendar year.

40 years ago

Red Cross bus to keep running (Thursday, June 28, 1979)

Culminating the drive to keep the Red Cross mini-bus running in the greater Wickenburg area, a check in the amount of $5,150 was recently presented to the Maricopa County Red Cross Chapter by the Community Service Program of Wickenburg, Inc., sponsor of the drive.

Operation of the Red Cross mini-bus for at least another year is now assured.

30 years ago

‘Politically active’ ACE chapter forms (Thursday, June 29, 1989)

Rosemary Peterson would like to see the quality of education in Wickenburg improve - and she is doing something about it.

Peterson is the local representative for Arizona Citizens for Education (ACE). There is a total of about 25 citizens also involved in the group in Wickenburg, and she said the group is an idea whose time has long since come.

“Unless we do something about the quality of education soon, it will just get worse,” she said. “There are going to be people graduating who won’t know how to hold white-collar jobs. And if you don’t have an education, if you don’t know how to read, what are you going to do?”

Peterson described ACE as being a “politically active PTA” that has rapidly expanded since its inception a few years ago.

20 years ago

Benner-Nawman marks 30 years with expansion (Wednesday, June 30, 1999)

Wickenburg’s Benner-Nawman Inc. manufacturing firm, the first to locate in the Wickenburg Industrial Airpark about 30 years ago, recently expanded by adding a two-story, 4,000-square-foot office building and another 15,000 square feet to be used as a warehouse/shipping area.

Benner-Nawman’s Wickenburg operation is divided into three divisions, with telephone booth enclosures, work station (cubicle) components, and generator enclosures all manufactured locally.

10 years ago

Equestrian campground given OK (Wednesday, June 24, 2009)

A request by the Wickenburg Trails Advisory Commission to begin planning for a new equestrian campground was recently approved by the Wickenburg Town Council.

The commission, which includes Councilman Scott Stewart as council liaison, told the council that it wanted to construct a campground at the town-owned “borrow pit.”

The borrow pit is located adjacent to the Hassayampa River, near the north end of Jack Burden Road, and had been used until recently by the Arizona Department of Transportation to extract sand to be used in the construction of the downtown highway bypass.

Stewart said the borrow pit consists of 154 acres, and the committee would like to use 25 acres for an all-equestrian campground.

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