A family operation (Friday, March 18, 1960)

The Circle S Laundry and Dry Cleaning family is even bigger than shown above, since some of the employees could not be present for the photograph. The four children in front (three together in the center and one at the extreme right) of course aren’t employees but consider themselves members of the family. The youngsters include (left to right) Karen and John Sanders, daughter and son of the assistant superintendent and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sanders; Bill Ebert; and Robin Beebe. The adults (left to right) are Eugene V. Delahaut, Jr., Emmet Sanders, Eugene Ball, Mrs. Emmett Sanders, Jimmie Huntley, Mrs. Bob Sanders, Ruth Williams, Bob Sanders, Alita Wheaton, Bill Ebert, Eunice Pinnell, Phil Thompson, Lena Hodges, Bernice Villa, Alice Sexton, Frances Pribula, Barbara Gilbert, Mickey Jaime, Gay Beebe and Bob Beebe.

80 years ago

OES observes 10th anniversary (Friday, May 22, 1940)

Twenty-six members of the Order of the Eastern Star were present at the regular meeting conducted at the Masonic hall Tuesday night. The meeting was presided over by Worthy Matron Helen Shride.

In observance of the 10th anniversary of the Hassayampa chapter, every past matron and past patron were introduced and a special candle ceremony honoring them was conducted.

70 years ago

St. Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17, 1950)

Today being St. Patrick’s Day, the time is ripe to salute the Irish of our town. William Reedy, himself a man of the Blarney country, has compiled the following list of names of people who, says he, have a bit of Irish in their blood. To these The SUN extends felicitations: Father D. F. O’Sullivan, Mrs. Mary Shultes, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Foley, Mr. and Mrs. Art O’Leary, Mrs. Katheryn Carrol, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bulger, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Sullivan, T. G. Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. William Reedy, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dignin, Neil Hanne, Warren Hanne, R.B. Sullivan, Anthony O’Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDermott and Robert Burns.

60 years ago

New subdivision planned for town (Friday, March 18, 1960)

Wickenburg is about to get its biggest expansion boost in many years. It’s an industry that this town needs - housing.

Richard Hale, partner in the Barber-Hale Development Corp., this week announced the formation of Wickenburg West - a new subdivision of 126 lots on 40 acres of land just south of the Rafter Ram Apartments and between Yucca Drive and Vulture Mine Road.

Land on which Wickenburg West is being developed was purchased from Tony O’Brien with the White Land and Investment Co. handling the transaction.

Partners in the Barber-Hale Development Corp. are Richard Hale, who lives in Wickenburg and handles the firm’s business here, and Bernard (Ket) Barber, who lives in Phoenix where he supervises the firm’s building activities in that city.

They started operations in Wickenburg with the construction of one home in Sunny Cove in 1958. Last year, they built seven homes and a barn here. This year, they have already completed one new home and a warehouse for Snyder’s Transfer.

50 years ago

Avondale plant is now here (Thursday, March 19, 1970)

Wednesday of this week was the target date for completion of the steel structure at the Municipal Airport that will house the town’s newest industry, Sun, Inc. Aircraft Painting.

Douglas Moreton of Wickenburg put the building up for its occupants, and the Town of Wickenburg is reimbursed on a percentage basis.

Sun, Inc. has been located in the Avondale area. Heading the firm is Donald M. Wesner.

40 years ago

40-year Safeway employee Snodgrass succumbs (Thursday, March 20, 1980)

Raymond L. Snodgrass, 59, manager of the Wickenburg Safeway store for 20 years until his retirement late last year, died Tuesday, March 11, at his home in Wickenburg.

A native of Denver, Colo., Mr. Snodgrass went to work for Safeway at the age of 17 and worked for the company until joining the armed forces at age 22.

In 1947, he moved to and went to work for Safeway. He was married to Theresa Kunze in January of 1951. Ray and his family moved to Wickenburg in February of 1961.

Mr. Snodgrass and his wife Terry raised their seven children in Wickenburg, where the family was active members of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.

He also was a member of Safeway’s Quarter Century Club, a distinction earned through almost 40 years of service with the company.

30 years ago

New Toyota test facility going in by 1993 (Thursday, March 22, 1970)

Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota will soon be constructing one of the world’s largest testing facilities in the Wickenburg area, a factory spokesperson said last week.

A parcel of land approximately 12,000 square miles in size - 18 miles across - will within a three-year projected completion date house speed tracks, wind tunnels and other field testing areas.

The site, located about 17 miles south of Wickenburg and one mile west of Patton Road, will be the first testing area the Japanese company has ever established in the United States.

2 0 years ago

Councilman, civic leader Don Kerr dies (Wednesday, March 22, 2000)

Don Kerr, a civic leader in Wickenburg and a long-time educator in the community for almost 30 years, died March 16 in Tucson.

Kerr, 87, came to Wickenburg in 1946 and built the Slash Bar K Ranch, which is now The Meadows.

He taught elementary school here for 18 years and was principal of the high school for one year before retiring in 1971. Kerr also was one of the founding members in 1950 of the Wickenburg Country Club and a charter member of the Desert Caballeros men’s riding organization, which he helped establish here in 1948. He also was a founder of St. Alban Episcopal Church in Wickenburg.

10 years ago

Resident helps honor Sun City (Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

The Sun City Area Historical Society is celebrating the 50th birthday of Sun City with a special exhibit featuring the history of the community and the founder; Delbert E. Webb.

Wickenburg resident Marjorie Johnson has been working with the Society for the past year collecting artifacts and stories for the exhibit. Johnson worked at the Del Webb Corporation for more than 35 years just outside Webb’s Office. After Webb’s death in 1974, R.H. Johnson, Marjorie’s husband, was named chairmen of the Webb Corporation and later went on to chair Del E. Webb Foundation.

The exhibit and home of the Historical Society is located in the first model home built in Sun City in 1960. Johnson and the R. H. Johnson Foundation have loaned the Society many personal artifacts of Webb’s including his Bible and business ledgers.

Johnson has volunteered as a docent at the museum; and has plans of working with the society for the next year while the exhibit is open.

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